Choosing partners before you know their thermostat settings

We pick out partners in life based on a lot of things.

Are we attracted to them? Are their goals similar to ours? Are we people who can live together long term? Those are all important factors that we consider.

Once you move in together and begin your life, other things crop up. There are key factors that most people don’t consider. How about that as a couple you are expected to share a room. My husband and I are very compatible people, but not sleep wise. He wants to have a fan blowing on him at night. I want a nice thick comforter. He tends to hoard and have way too much junk in his room. I like my space feeling empty. It makes no sense for us to share a space. Another key factor is the setting on the thermostat. When you go on a date with someone you never ask what their ideal temperature would be. Would they rather be too hot or too cold? AC or heating? You just get together, move in and suddenly realize that you both feel there is a perfect temperature for the Hillsboro OR home. My husband and I strongly disagree on our ideal temperature. He definitely runs hot and would like to have the house around 70 degrees all year. When in doubt he feels it is necessary for cooling and no need to run the heater. I would like a 75 degree reading without using the AC hardly at all. The moment it gets chilly, turn on that heater, we live in Oregon for goodness sake!


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Getting rid of the wood stove was tough

When we bought a house it came with a decorative wood stove.

Technically it could have been used to heat the living room, but it never was.

The previous homeowners never used it. It was totally clean inside and out. The woodstove was so small that if used, it would barely provide enough living room heating. He buys a fully functional heater just for the look of it? They also vented it through the wood ceiling and added a stack to the roof. It was able to be used but was worthless. It was a pain in the butt removing that heater as well. It sat on a brick pad that needed to be destroyed with a sledgehammer. Then we had to redo the living room carpet due to the hole in the floor. Next the vent had to be removed and the wood ceiling needed to be patched. The stack was removed and roofers had to repair the damage. Lastly we had to move a cast iron heater and try to get someone to take it. Our Evansville IN HVAC dealership didn’t want it due to the size. They said no homeowner would ever use it for their heating system. I eventually sold it to a guy that wanted a heater for his hunting shack in Indiana. It was in great shape so I got a deal on it. I just wanted that ugly wood stove though. I am so glad we have that extra space in the living room and there are no holes in my ceiling and roof anymore.



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Getting healthy with working out and investing in new HVAC

I recently went to the doctor and was informed that I have high blood pressure. Since I am only 30 I found that a bit concerning. I started researching and taking the steps necessary to be healthy. I don’t want to die of a heart attack when I am 50 years old. I now eat extremely clean. I don’t eat red meat anymore. I eat chicken, shrimp and salmon for protein. I eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. I also no longer smoke, drink alcohol or coffee. I made it my mission to start meditating and relaxing myself in the evening. The last step was working out. I had a backyard shed that strictly kept tools safe. Now I have converted it into my own personal gym. I replaced the windows, redid the cement flooring and painted the walls. I bought folding mats to keep the floor soft. I also bought a sound system to make it more fun. Lastly, I bought an air conditioner and heater for temperature control. I need AC most of the time since I live down in Missouri. It is hot, muggy and sticky during a Lee’s Summit summer. The AC is absolutely required in order to get a decent workout in. I start sweating profusely the moment I walk out my door. I didn’t want to make it so I had to work out at 6 am everyday. The winters do get chilly in Missouri too. I didn’t want to fight tight and sore muscles. A little bit of heating goes a long way. Now I can work out in style and work to lower my blood pressure.

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When in Seattle, do as the Seattleites do!

It’s a little surprising that a city as technologically-driven as Seattle, Washington is so well known for its local cannabis.

  • It just doesn’t seem to make sense at first, that all these techno-geeks and big-time investors are just as into cannabis as everyone else.

In fact, most of the people I know in Seattle don’t seem to smoke much weed at all, and yet this city is home to some of the most advanced and highly-potent cannabis strains the world has ever seen. Trust me, I have been smoking cannabis for over twenty years, in countries all around the globe, and Seattle is up there with the best of them. Perhaps this is because I associate with the white-collar end of Seattle, and not so much with the creative scene. That is the other side of the coin in Seattle, because for all our corporations and technology, we also have a thriving music and art scene. Seattle is a bastion of art and innovation, and I suppose that the artistic types smoke a lot more weed than I do. When I do get high, I usually don’t smoke the Seattle strains at all, I will use cannabis wax. I prefer wax to buds because it doesn’t have such a potent aroma. Because of where I live in Seattle I don’t want everyone around me to know that I like to get high. The old saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and since I am in Seattle, I will do as the Seattleites do and smoke a little cannabis wax.

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It’s not boasting to say Portland has the best weed

I live on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, and consider this to be the best place on Earth to live.

As much as I love Portland as a city, I do not like having neighbors. I am so close to the city I can see the lights at night, but I still have a hundred acres of forest surrounding me so I can keep the hustle and bustle of city life at bay. I don’t like traffic, I don’t like crowds, so I keep my trips to Portland short and infrequent. At the same time, I have to go to town once or twice a week for supplies, food, and of course cannabis supplies. One of the advantages of living in Portland is having ready access to the best cannabis you can find anywhere. That isn’t just a boast, I mean it! I would love to hear from anyone out there who can convince me Portland does not have the world’s finest cannabis crops. There are a lot of other great things about being so close to Portland. The weed is good, but the craft beer made in Portland is just as excellent. Once or twice a month I drive into Portland at night just to catch a concert, or visit an art gallery opening. Portland is a center for the arts for this entire state, so I try to take advantage of the culture. When it’s all over, and I’ve had my fun and bought my cannabis, I love leaving Portland behind and going back to my own land.

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21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas

Jimmy didn’t want to go to the casino, or to see a show, he wanted to stay in the hotel room smoking cannabis and watching TV.

Jimmy and I are twins. When it was time for us to have our 21st birthdays, we decided we wanted to do the honors in Las Vegas. Going to Sin City has always been a dream for Jimmy and I, but until this moment it never seemed worth the effort. We live across the country from Las Vegas, so it was a major investment of time and money just to get there. We decided to wait until we turned 21 so that we could enjoy all the forbidden delights Las Vegas has to offer. Can you imagine going all that way to Las Vegas and then not be able to gamble, drink, or smoke cannabis? It sounds like a nightmare! When we finally got to Las Vegas for the big event, Jimmy and I took very different paths. Of course we both started our weekend in the nearest cannabis dispensary, where we spent too much money and bought too many cannabis products. After getting stoned in the hotel room I was ready to hit the town and see what the famous Las Vegas nightlife had to offer. Jimmy didn’t want to go to the casino, or to see a show, he wanted to stay in the hotel room smoking cannabis and watching TV. I was stunned that after finally living the Las Vegas dream Jimmy wanted to smoke marijuana and not see the town. Fortunately I didn’t need my twin brother to have a great time in Las Vegas. I got back to the hotel room just after dawn, and Jimmy was still watching TV and smoking cannabis.


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Work has traveling to California a lot

Work has me traveling all the time. I am constantly presenting new products to potential clients. I got really used to living out of a suitcase. I also am used to making friends in the area and being alone a lot. I really like when work makes me go somewhere warm. It is easy to be alone in a beautiful location. Give me a beach and I am settled. My work constantly seems to put me in California. That is my favorite state to visit. I can hike around, eat great food and also get a tan on the beach. My most recent trip had me going to Beverly Hills. At first I was a bit bummed. It wasn’t right on the beach and the area is quite pricey. I also am not a big shopper at all. I didn’t really find any appeal. When I went there though, that was a different story. I was able to enjoy the area because it is so beautiful. Rodeo Drive was fun to experience. I didn’t need to buy the high end stuff to enjoy myself. I found some great hikes and awesome cuisine. What was great is that there was legal cannabis there. I could just walk into a dispensary and pick up the products that I wanted. I really enjoy an edible at the end of a workday. After giving presentations all day, I get really mentally drained. With an edible I can relax and sleep much better. I usually pick up THC infused gummies or chocolates. Sadly I am not able to take them back with me on the plane. So during my work trip I really need to be careful what I buy and make sure to take them all before I leave.


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With legal medical marijuana now, the city is filled with shops

Back in 2016, the governor of Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana for patients across the state.

Pennsylvania was the 24th state in the union to adopt laws legalizing medical marijuana for patients over the age of 21.

It’s easy to obtain a medical marijuana license in pennsylvania. You have to visit a physician that can certify you for one of a number of qualifying medical conditions. You also have to pay for a Pennsylvania state issued medical marijuana card. The card looks a lot like a driver’s license. After that, you can start purchasing marijuana from an approved dispensary in the state. There are more than 100 different medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, but there are very few close to the area where I live. If I want a good selection of medical marijuana products, I drive into Philadelphia. There are several medical marijuana dispensaries in Philadelphia that offer a first-time patient special, delivery services, and easy to use pick up services. Philadelphia is about an hour away from my home. On Monday I decided to drive into the city so I could go to a marijuana dispensary that is close to Franklin music hall. I parked my car in a lot a few blocks away from the dispensary. When I came back out of the dispensary, I realized that my car had a broken window. During the 30 minutes that I was inside of the marijuana dispensary, someone broke into my car and stole my ipad, phone, and my car radio. I called the police to report the theft, but the officer did not think it would be easy to find my things.


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Convenience of pre-rolls

While I’ve experimented with the different types of consumption methods, I prefer old-school smoking.

I find the process of it especially relaxing and enjoyable.

I appreciate the flavor and rapid onset of effects. Unfortunately, I’m not capable of rolling a decent joint. I’ve practiced and simply can’t manage it. I either pack too much or too little weed into the joint. I then roll the paper too tight or too loose. Sometimes, my hand-rolled joints refuse to stay lit. Other times, they burn way too quickly and create an incredibly long ash. I also create a bit of a mess when I attempt to roll a joint. There’s a great deal of waste. I find it aggravating that I need to keep so much equipment handy. I don’t always have access to a grinder and papers. Initially, I was reluctant to try pre-rolls. I’d heard that they were made of lower quality weed such as shake or trim. I don’t want to smoke a bunch of sticks and seeds. I am particular about the quality of the bud. For me, smoking weed is an indulgence. It’s a treat that I look forward to. I only smoke after work or on the weekends, when I need to de-stress. I am willing to pay more for top-shelf flower. I am very thankful that the dispensaries in Albuquerque offer a wide variety of pre-rolled joints and blunts. They sell machine-rolled and hand-roll options, and I can purchase products infused with concentrate for an extra boost of flavor and potency. Singles are affordable enough that I can try something new. Or I can save money buying packs of my favorites. I have had no trouble finding the most well-respected producers and most popular strains on the shelves. I can trust in a consistent and smooth burn every time.


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The sky was filled with pretty colors last night

There’s nothing better than being able to look up at the sky and see pretty night time colors like purple, orange, red, and pink.

The sky was filled with pretty colors last night.

My girlfriend and I decided to drive over to the airport so we could watch the planes come in and out of the terminal. There are a couple of cool places to sit on the hood of the car and the planes are very close. Before we went to the airport, my girlfriend and I stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque. We picked up a couple of infused marijuana joints. The infused marijuana joints were a little expensive, but it was a special occasion. My girlfriend and I were celebrating our two month anniversary. She was the one that wanted to go to the airport to watch the planes. It was my idea to stop at the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque. One of the infused marijuana joints that we picked out was a sativa called strawberry cough. When I opened up the marijuana joint, I could smell strawberries everywhere inside of the car. The joint tasted like strawberries as well. My girlfriend and I smoked the one gram joint and both of us felt really good when the joint was finished. The infused marijuana joint was easily one of the best things I have had in a long time. After my girlfriend and I were done at the airport, we went back to the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque to buy more of the infused joints.
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