Heat pump is the ideal choice

Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, requires both a cooling and heating system for the home.

The temperature fluctuates from the thirties to the nineties.

A heat pump is the ideal solution to the local climate. The single unit provides both heating and cooling capacity and offers incredible energy efficiency ratings. The electric heat pump uses refrigerant to move heat between the indoors and the outdoors. Throughout the summer, it operates just like a conventional air conditioner, extracting heat energy from the air and creating a cooling effect. The heat pump has no problem handling the extreme heat and humidity of Tuscaloosa weather. When the heat pump switches to heating mode, it reverses the flow of refrigerant. The system takes advantage of heat that is present in layers of air close to the ground. This ambient heat is compressed to a higher temperature and supplied indoors. Because the heat pump utilizes available existing heat rather than burning fossil fuels to create heat, it is especially safe. There are no fumes, hot surfaces or greenhouse gasses to worry about. Operation is wonderfully clean and environmentally responsible. It also keeps heating costs to a minimum. I chose an Energy Star rated heat pump that includes adaptable-speed technology and zone control. The heat pump cost a small fortune to purchase and install, but saves money every month on utility bills. The average lifespan of a heat pump is between ten and fifteen years. However, with proper and regular maintenance, the system could last up to twenty-five years. I make sure to thoroughly replace air filters, clean the condenser unit fins and keep the coils clean. I clear around the unit so that no vines or other types of plant growth infiltrate the system.


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New roof contributes to energy efficiency

The weather in South Bend, Indiana, is extreme all year round.

  • The summer brings UV light and humidity.

The spring and fall seasons tend to be rainy and windy. Winters are especially long, with temperatures well below freezing and lots of snow. The conditions are tough on the roof. Ice, sleet, hail, pests, blizzards and thunderstorms undermine the durability, curb appeal and longevity of the roofing system. I was reluctant to replace my roof. The shingles had leaked and been repaired and re-roofed so many times that the whole system needed to be torn off. There was extensive water damage. I knew that it would be a very costly, lengthy and invasive project. I procrastinated for as long as possible. Every time it rained, I would run around and place buckets under the drips from the ceiling. I had the roof replaced during the month of July, hoping to avoid the problems of a downpour. That year, the temperature in South Bend soared into the high eighties and even the nineties nearly every day. With no roof on the house, we couldn’t run the air conditioner. The living space became horribly overheated and sticky. There was dirt, debris and bugs to deal with. However, once the new roof was in place, I noticed a huge difference in our level of comfort. The air conditioner was able to cool the home down within an hour. My monthly electric bill was drastically lower. The next winter, I was able to set a lower thermostat setting. I paid less in heating bills and yet the home was perfectly warm and cozy.

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Smart thermostat helps with unpredictable weather

My family makes the most of living in Springfield, Missouri.

We are constantly on the go, enjoying the variety of available activities.

There are more than one hundred city parks and recreational sites to supply an assortment of options. Busiek, Roaring River, Table Rock and Ha Ha Tonka are several of our favorite state parks. My whole family loves to hike, explore nature, cycle, swim and fish. We frequently came near the Buffalo National river. Because of the abundance of waterways in the area, there are really great places to canoe, paddleboard and kayak. Beaver Creek offers five miles of paddling, while the North Fork of the White River takes us through undeveloped land. The wide range of terrain and diversity of weather makes Springfield a very exciting place to live. From rock climbing and scuba diving to shopping and restaurants, there is always something new to see and do. The climate also creates some challenges. We need to be prepared for temperatures varying from the high eighties to the single digits. We deal with rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow and humidity. I recently upgraded to a smart thermostat to help with the constant adjustment of temperature. There are days when we leave the house in the morning and the weather is chilly and wet. By the time we return home, the temperature has warmed up and humidity has set in. I would like to keep a comfortable living environment without paying a fortune. The smart thermostat reacts to the outdoor conditions and occupancy of the residence. It makes adjustments to conserve energy yet keep my family comfortable.



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Cleaning my air conditioner

Central air conditioning is a necessity in St Petersburg, Florida.

The cooling system runs just about non stop and is crucial to indoor comfort and air quality.

Its performance greatly impacts carbon footprint and budget. An air conditioner that is regularly maintained lasts longer, costs less to operate and provides greater cooling capacity. Upkeep for the AC involves servicing both the indoor and outdoor units. One of the most important steps of an air conditioner tune-up is replacing the air filter. I buy filters at the local improvement store. Changing the filter takes less than two minutes. I make an effort to change out the air filter every four to six weeks. I take the time to thoroughly clean the indoor and outdoor components every spring. I shut down power to the outdoor unit and vacuum the condenser fins located on the top of the air conditioner. A soft-bristled attachment to the shop vac works well to remove grass, dust, leaves and debris that would otherwise inhibit airflower. I am careful not to bend the fins. I unscrew the top grille of the AC to remove the fan and then wipe it with a damp cloth. With the hose set to a fairly light pressure, I spray the inside of the air conditioner unit. Once everything is put back together, I wait 24 hours before starting up the cooling unit. For the indoor wall unit, I shut off power and remove the rear exhaust panel. I clean the fins and coils with a soft brush attached to the vacuum cleaner. Once again, I am very careful to not damage the fins. At the button of the unit, there are drain channels that can easily become clogged. I use a pipe cleaner to remove any dirt or grime from the drains. I also vacuum the front vents and grille.


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Very happy with heated floors

I was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois. Other than a brief departure for college, I’ve lived in the area my entire life. The city is located about thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago. It is close enough to take advantage of the amenities of a big city yet far away to avoid the hustle and bustle. I appreciate the four different seasons. The summers tend to be fairly short, hot and humid but are a great time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Northern Fox River Valley offers nature centers, forest preserves, parks and some really gorgeous terrain. There are 36 miles of trails available for biking and hiking. The early fall weather is perfectly cool and the season is well-known for the stunning colors of the leaves. I look forward to the farmer’s markets and buying fresh apples, peppers, squash, zucchini and pumpkins. Spring is always a welcome relief after the long winters, bringing an abundance of lilacs, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and so many flowers. The winter is an opportunity to go skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling and sledding. Because winter definitely lasts the longest and is so extremely cold and snowy, a powerful heating system is a necessity. Until just recently, I’d always lived in homes outfitted with a forced air furnace. It is definitely the most popular style of heating. My new house features a boiler system and radiant floor heating. It is such an improvement. The equipment is entirely concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space. It doesn’t detract from aesthetics, make any noise or introduce contaminants into the air. Heat is spread evenly across the floor and rises slowly, eliminating stratification. Radiant floor heating is ideal for the winters in Elgin.
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Hoping to trim energy usage in the summer

Summers in Lakeland, Florida, are especially long, hot and muggy.

While there are always a lot of fun and exciting outdoor activities to look forward to, the hot and sticky conditions can be a challenge. The air conditioner runs just about non stop for approximately six to eight months. I’m always shocked by the cost of operating the cooling system. Always hoping to save money and reduce energy consumption, I recently focused on my home’s insulation. I realized that a great deal of cool air was escaping by way of cracks around the windows and doors. I used caulk and weatherstripping to seal up these leaks and prevent hot, outside air from seeping in. I also replaced the insulation in the attic. With the sun constantly beating down on the roof, the attic was heating up and spreading warm air into the home. I spent a really unpleasant weekend in the attic, removing the old insulation and laying down new. The temperature in the attic was well over a hundred degrees, and it was necessary to wear long-sleeves, long pants, gloves, goggles and a mask. I have also invested into a smart thermostat. This particular model includes a feature called geofencing. It knows the locations of family member’s smartphones and adjusts temperature accordingly. The thermostat automatically conserves energy when the house is empty but cools down the living space in time for our arrival home. It also offers energy tracking and energy saving tips. It sends reminders to schedule annual maintenance and change air filters every month. Upgrading to smart blinds was another energy saving measure. The blinds are programmed to close in the morning, preventing the sun from heating up the home. They open in the evening when conditions have cooled down.


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Prefer to workout outdoors

It passed through several city parks, including Falls Park

I prioritize my health and physical fitness. I am conscientious about my sleep, hydration and nutrition. I devote approximately an hour every day to some type of workout. Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I am most often forced to exercise indoors. During the spring and fall, there is a lot of rain and chilly weather. The summers tend to be short, hot and humid. The winters are long, snowy and brutally cold. I have a room in my house set up as a gym, and I’ve invested into quite a bit of equipment. I can run on the treadmill, pedal the stationary bike, lift weights, use battle ropes, jump on a mini trampoline or jump rope. It’s helpful that the room is temperature controlled. I don’t need to stress over what to wear to accommodate the unpredictable weather. There is no worry over mean dogs, exhaust fumes or bugs. The air conditioner and furnace feature zone control that allows me to set an independent temperature in the home gym. I keep that area cooler than the rest of the house. Despite the comfort and convenience of my home gym, I prefer to get outside whenever possible. I have invested into clothes for just about any weather. I have moisture-wicking shorts and tanks to handle the heat and humidity. I have thermal pants and jackets to combat the cold. I have waterproof gear for when it rains. I love to head to the Big Sioux River Recreation Trail. There is over thirty-four miles of paved trail that circles around the city and follows the banks of the Big Sioux River. It passed through several city parks, including Falls Park. It’s ideal for running, cycling or roller-blading. The scenery along the trail is gorgeous.
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Taking good care of the ductwork

In Fort Worth, Texas, we experience four seasons and a wide range of weather conditions. The summers are hot and humid while winters are cool and rainy. We rely heavily on the air conditioner and furnace. While the heating and cooling units split the workload, the ductwork operates day in and day just about year round. This concealed network of pipes is responsible for removing stale air and introducing clean, conditioned air. Because the duct system is hidden inside walls, ceilings, the attic and crawlspace, it’s easy to ignore. In the majority of homes, the ductwork accounts for up to 30% of energy losses. Cracks, holes, gaps and other imperfections allow the heated and cooled air to escape. These same flaws draw in unconditioned, potentially polluted air and it gets distributed throughout the home. High monthly utility bills, unpleasant smells, contaminated air, temperature fluctuations and repairs can often be blamed on faulty ductwork. I make sure to have the ductwork tested every couple of years. While duct sealing and duct cleaning are an expense, these services are cost-effective. Properly operating ductwork allows the air conditioner and furnace to run at peak efficiency. It ensures that the maximum amount of heated and cooled air reaches the destination and that this air is clean. When the ductwork operates at its best, I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often. My family suffers from fewer colds, flu and headaches. We sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Because we use less energy, our home is more environmentally responsible.

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Handling temperature control in historical home

About three years ago, my husband and I bought a historical home in Birmingham, Alabama.

We’d lived in the area for nearly six years and had been on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind home in one of the beautiful historic neighborhoods.

We were delighted to become residents of Forest Park. Located just southeast of downtown Birmingham, this neighborhood originated in the early 1900s. It was a favorable location because of accessibility to downtown by way of streetcars. The area features hundreds of truly gorgeous residents built in styles such as Neo-classical, Bungalow, Tudor Revival and Queen Anne. There is the Highland Park Golf Course and all sorts of adorable little shops. I frequent Dreamers Supply Co. to buy lotions, skins masks, face serums and unique skincare products. I buy plants for both indoors and outdoors from Shoppe Plant Nursery and splurge on wine from Red or White. My husband and I make a habit of eating at The Rougaroux. Situated inside an old residential home, the ambience is lovely and the gumbo, po’boys and Cajun fair is delicious. When we initially moved into our home, we had some difficulties with keeping it comfortable. The property doesn’t include centralized ductwork. Tearing down walls to install giant pipes would destroy the historical integrity. We spoke with a local Birmingham HVAC contractor who recommended a high-velocity heating/cooling system. This type of system is designed specifically for retrofit situations. It features mini-ducts that are only two-inches in diameter. These tubes are flexible and can be snaked through existing walls without damage. They work with round vents that are only six inches in diameter and available in all sorts of colors and styles. It is a relief to have effective and energy efficiency heating and cooling throughout the entire home.

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Needing to replace our heat pump

My husband and I were able to afford property in a nicer neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, because the house had stood empty for several years.

  • It required a lot of work and updates.

The previous owner had begun renovations on one of the bathrooms but never finished. The room was gutted and not functional. There was a great deal of garbage piled in the lanai, several broken windows and missing appliances. My husband and I enjoy tackling home improvement projects. We were thrilled with the opportunity to customize the home to our preferences. We started with the bathroom, adding a shower, laying down tile and installing a vanity and toilet. We painted the exterior and interior of the house, cleaned up the yard and hauled away all of the debris left behind by the previous owner. We had some concerns with the reliability of the heat pump. Although it seemed to be operating just fine, it appeared extremely old. Every time it started up, it made a very loud rattling sound. We were very surprised when the heat pump continued to provide effective heating and cooling for nearly five years. In the middle of the summer, I noticed warm air coming from the vents. When I scheduled repairs from a local Tampa HVAC contractor, the technician found a small refrigerant leak. He recharged the refrigerant, charged me a hundred dollars and told me he wasn’t sure how long the repair would last. A year later, we once again faced the same problem. At that point, I decided to invest into a brand new heat pump.

Tampa Florida thermostat