Taking good care of the ductwork

In Fort Worth, Texas, we experience four seasons and a wide range of weather conditions. The summers are hot and humid while winters are cool and rainy. We rely heavily on the air conditioner and furnace. While the heating and cooling units split the workload, the ductwork operates day in and day just about year round. This concealed network of pipes is responsible for removing stale air and introducing clean, conditioned air. Because the duct system is hidden inside walls, ceilings, the attic and crawlspace, it’s easy to ignore. In the majority of homes, the ductwork accounts for up to 30% of energy losses. Cracks, holes, gaps and other imperfections allow the heated and cooled air to escape. These same flaws draw in unconditioned, potentially polluted air and it gets distributed throughout the home. High monthly utility bills, unpleasant smells, contaminated air, temperature fluctuations and repairs can often be blamed on faulty ductwork. I make sure to have the ductwork tested every couple of years. While duct sealing and duct cleaning are an expense, these services are cost-effective. Properly operating ductwork allows the air conditioner and furnace to run at peak efficiency. It ensures that the maximum amount of heated and cooled air reaches the destination and that this air is clean. When the ductwork operates at its best, I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often. My family suffers from fewer colds, flu and headaches. We sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Because we use less energy, our home is more environmentally responsible.

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