Hoping to trim energy usage in the summer

Summers in Lakeland, Florida, are especially long, hot and muggy.

While there are always a lot of fun and exciting outdoor activities to look forward to, the hot and sticky conditions can be a challenge. The air conditioner runs just about non stop for approximately six to eight months. I’m always shocked by the cost of operating the cooling system. Always hoping to save money and reduce energy consumption, I recently focused on my home’s insulation. I realized that a great deal of cool air was escaping by way of cracks around the windows and doors. I used caulk and weatherstripping to seal up these leaks and prevent hot, outside air from seeping in. I also replaced the insulation in the attic. With the sun constantly beating down on the roof, the attic was heating up and spreading warm air into the home. I spent a really unpleasant weekend in the attic, removing the old insulation and laying down new. The temperature in the attic was well over a hundred degrees, and it was necessary to wear long-sleeves, long pants, gloves, goggles and a mask. I have also invested into a smart thermostat. This particular model includes a feature called geofencing. It knows the locations of family member’s smartphones and adjusts temperature accordingly. The thermostat automatically conserves energy when the house is empty but cools down the living space in time for our arrival home. It also offers energy tracking and energy saving tips. It sends reminders to schedule annual maintenance and change air filters every month. Upgrading to smart blinds was another energy saving measure. The blinds are programmed to close in the morning, preventing the sun from heating up the home. They open in the evening when conditions have cooled down.


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