Upgrade to zone control for second home in Tampa

If the air conditioner or dehumidifier were to fail, we would receive a text message alert

When my husband and I got tired of the snow and cold in the north, we purchased a second home in Tampa, Florida. Affording a property with waterfront access was difficult. We ended up purchasing a home in need of a great deal of renovations. Since my husband and I are both very handy, we didn’t mind the work. We enjoyed making improvements that perfectly suited our lifestyle. We were simply happy to have the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous area of the country. While there is a great deal of rain in Tampa, there are also plenty of blue skies and sunshine. The temperature climbs into the eighties or eighties for the majority of the year. There are, however, some chilly nights over the winter that require heating. Another issue is the year round humidity. Our remodeling project included new windows, adding insulation to walls and ceilings and installing ceiling fans. We also invested into a new electric heat pump and duct sealing. The expense of these upgrades has been recovered through lower energy bills. One of the best decisions we made was to pay a bit more for zone control and smart thermostats. Through an app on our phone, we are able to adjust heating and cooling according to the requirements and occupancy of each particular room. Not only does this feature help with comfort and energy efficiency while we are in residence, it proves invaluable when we are up north over the summer. With remote access, we can easily make sure that the indoor temperature is right where it should be. If the air conditioner or dehumidifier were to fail, we would receive a text message alert. We get notified if there is a power outage and receive reminders to schedule maintenance and replace air filters.

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My central heating keeps me comfortable when it’s cold outside

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the cherry bottom festival in DC.

  • And luckily, I live in Waldorf Maryland which means D.C.

is less than 30 miles away. In fact, Waldorf is considered a suburb of D.C. so we are just outside the limits of the capital. Anyway, the cherry blossoms are typically blooming around from the end of March to mid-April. By far, the blooms are the prettiest thing about D.C. Of course, the buildings are great as well, and if you’re a history buff, you’ll love it. The weather in Waldorf has been like a roller coaster, so I am not sure how that will impact the cherry blossoms. For instance, today it’s about 35 degrees for the high, which means I am currently using my central heating, but in the next few days, it will warm up to the mid-60s, so I won’t need to have my central heating running with the temperature that high outside. But looking at the forecast, after the weekend, the weather will drop again and the forecast is also calling for some snow. Of course, at that point, I will turn on my central heating again. Lately, the weather has been so weird that it has gotten difficult to plan outings. If it’s too cold outside, I prefer to remain at home, cozying up on my sofa with a good book. But if it’s nice outside, I love spending time outdoors. So, I am grateful that the weather will be nice for the cherry blossom festival this year. If it wasn’t, you better believe that I would opt to stay inside in my home with my comfortable central heating.

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Ripping out the pointless wood stove

When I first moved into my house in Buffalo NY, I wasn’t pleased with the woodstove.

It was a centrally located device that took up most of the living room.

The previous owners built a brick pad for it to sit on. The woodstove was vented into the wood ceiling and there was a stack on the roof. New York gets really cold. A wood stove isn’t really a feasible heating system. The past homeowners had a central heater that worked great. It took me a while to realize the woodstove was merely a decorative piece. Well I ripped that sucker right out. It was a lot of work. I had to remove the brick pad and redo my carpet. I had to patch the wood ceiling and hire roofers to take out the stack. I then had to sell that heating system. Nobody in my area of Buffalo wanted a wood stove. It was small and pointless. I eventually got a guy in New York City that was willing to take the woodstove and use it in his man cave. It was small enough to do that. Now my husband and I get by with just our central heater. It works just great and takes up no room other than closet space. I love that I can arrange the living room furniture how I want and have a brand new carpet in there. It was expensive moving such a decorative piece but worth it in the end. I am really glad I made the update.

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I needed help with the AC soon

My mom and dad moved to Ocala about 15 years ago and they decided to buy a house in a premier neighborhood called The Villages.

At the time that my parents moved, The Villages was still a very new place.

There were a few shops and houses, but back then The Villages was just an idea. After 15 years, The Villages has grown in size. My mom and dad still live in the same house, but the neighborhood has grown around them. When they moved, there was only a shopping center, fitness center, and a couple of small shops and boutiques. Now there are more than 50 different shops and businesses within two blocks of my mom’s place. I went to visit my mom a couple of weeks ago. She told me that there was a problem with the AC unit and she needed to get it fixed. She didn’t know who to call, so I decided to drive to The Villages to look at her air conditioner. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to fix the problem, but I knew that I would be able to find someone to help my mom and dad. I looked at the AC unit and checked all of the regular problems that can keep the unit from working properly. I checked the thermostat, air filter, motor, fuses, and the breaker. When I was unable to service the system, I decided to call for an AC repair in The Villages. There were several AC repair companies close by and many of those businesses had same day services.
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Our weather is colder than Iceland

I wouldn’t have it any other way though

Did you know that Buffalo NY gets colder weather than Iceland? People are always shocked when they hear that. Iceland has to be cold right? Well I live in Buffalo and I went on my honeymoon in iceland. It gets cold there. The summers are in the 50s and it gets into the 30s during the winter. Nobody has tan lines or swimsuits there. Everyone dresses up in warm gear. It is cold, but not noteworthy. My hometown gets much colder. The snow is just horrible. Rather than inches, it comes down to feet. The ice is always a problem. It frequently warms up to wear the snow melts and leaves a wet residue. Then the night gets cold and freezes. What is worse is that if snow follows there is a bunch of hidden black ice. It can be super dangerous driving in the area. I remember driving my car to University at Buffalo and the weather was -22 degrees. That was a typical winter day for us. You just learn how to dress in our area. You can have no exposed skin. Have you seen the movie Fargo where the guy has his hood wrapped so tight around his face he is just a nose? Well that is how you dress in our area. You can’t go outside without a scarf, gloves and a hat. You need thermal gear and waterproof boots. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I can’t imagine how people deal with 100 degree heat. It is much easier to warm up than cool down.
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I called someone from Jacksonville to figure out the problem

There are a lot of small suburbs located outside of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is a huge city with more than 1 million residents.

The city reaches more than 50 miles in all directions. Many of the small suburbs are places that are great to live. It’s not exactly great to live in the city. I lived in the city of Jacksonville for a little while. It was noisy at night and I constantly heard police sirens and car horns. It was very expensive and I didn’t have the best view. I got a much better deal for my money living in a small suburb right outside of the city. I still have to go into town whenever I need goods and services. When my car needs an oil change, I go to town. When I want to go shopping for a new purse or a new outfit, I go into Jacksonville as well. I also call someone from the city if there are problems at my house that I can’t figure out. There was an issue with the heat pump during the winter months and I could not figure out how to fix the problem. I used the troubleshooting manual to diagnose the issues, but I could not get the heat pump to turn on. I called a Jacksonville heating company that specializes in heat pump repairs. The Jacksonville heating company was locally owned and operated. It wasn’t one of the biggest heating companies in Jacksonville, but it was definitely one of the places that had the best reviews online. The service tech was kind, courteous, intelligent, and quick with his hands.

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The AC repair company serviceman was very nice

I’ve only been living in Phoenix for a couple of months and I’m just getting used to that heat.

  • I lived in the Southeast so I know what heat is like, but we had humidity and moisture.

The heat in Phoenix is a dry heat that feels much different than that heat in the south east. One way that I am getting used to the heat is using the AC in my new condo. I have the AC running non-stop. When the AC unit broke down on monday, I had to call a local Phoenix repair company. I looked for a Phoenix AC repair company with good reviews online in customer service, affordability, and quality repairs. I also needed to find a company that was going to be able to help me on the same day. I called a couple of smaller companies and no one was available to help me on the same day that the AC unit broke down. One of the larger Phoenix AC repair companies said it would be no problem to send someone as soon as possible. I did not realize that meant within 30 minutes. I was very impressed by the speed of service. I was also impressed by the service man that came to look at the system. The guy was very kind and thoughtful. He made me feel very at ease, even though I was stressed out and worried about the condition of my AC unit. He talked to me about each step of the process and kept me informed about the costs all the way until the end.


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Choosing partners before you believe their ac settings

Both of us choice out partners in life based on a lot of things, but are both of us attracted to them? Are their goals similar to ours? Are both of us people who can live together long term? Those are all important factors that both of us consider, but once you move in together plus begin your life, other things crop up, however there are key factors that most people don’t consider, then how about that as a couple you are expected to share a room… My spouse plus I are really compatible people, however not sleep wise.

She wants to have a fan blowing on him at evening, and i want a nice thick comforter.

She tends to hoard plus have way too much junk in her room. I love our space feeling empty. It makes no sense for us to share a space. Another key factor is the setting on the thermostat. When you go on a date with someone you never ask what their ideal temperature would be. Would they rather be too hot or too cold? A/C or heating? You just gathering, move in plus quickly realize that you both feel there is a perfect temperature for the Hillsboro OR home. My spouse plus I strongly disagree on our ideal temperature. She absolutely runs hot plus would love to have the beach house around 68 degrees all year. When in doubt she feels it is necessary for cooling plus no need to run the heater. I would love a 73 degree studying separate from using the A/C hardly at all. The moment it gets cold, turn on that heater, both of us live in OR for goodness sake!


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Why in Seattle, do as the Seattleites do!

It’s a little surprising that a neighborhood as technologically-driven as Seattle, Washington is so well known for its local cannabis… It just doesn’t seem to make sense at first, that all these techno-geeks plus big-time investors are just as into cannabis as pretty much everyone else.

In fact, most of the people I guess in Seattle don’t seem to smoke much weed at all, plus yet this neighborhood is condo to some of the most advanced plus highly-potent cannabis strains the world has ever seen; Trust me, I have been smoking cannabis for over twenty years, in countries all around the globe, plus Seattle is up there with the best of them! Perhaps this is because I friend with the white-collar end of Seattle, plus not so much with the creative scene.

That is the other side of the coin in Seattle, because for all our corporations plus technology, both of us also have a thriving songs plus art scene, seattle is a bastion of art plus innovation, plus I guess that the artistic types smoke a lot more weed than I do; When I do get high, I usually don’t smoke the Seattle strains at all, I will use cannabis wax. I prefer wax to buds because it doesn’t have such a potent stink; Because of where I live in Seattle I don’t want pretty much everyone around me to guess that I love to get high. The seasoned saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” plus since I am in Seattle, I will do as the Seattleites do plus smoke a little cannabis wax.

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It’s not fibbing to say Portland has the best weed

Once or twice a month I drive into Portland at night just to catch a concert, or visit an art gallery opening! Portland is a center for the arts for this entire state, so I try to take fortune of the culture

I live on the outskirts of Portland, OR, in addition to consider this to be the best locale on Earth to live, and as much as I love Portland as a city, I do not love having neighbors, however i am so close to the city I can see the lights at night, but I still have a hundred acres of forest surrounding me so I can keep the hustle in addition to bustle of city life at bay. I don’t love traffic, I don’t love crowds, so I keep our trips to Portland short in addition to infrequent. At the same time, I have to go to city once or twice a month for supplies, food, in addition to of course cannabis supplies, however one of the advantages of living in Portland is having ready access to the best cannabis you can find someplace, however that isn’t just a boast, I mean it! I would love to hear from anyone out there who can convince me Portland does not have the world’s finest cannabis crops. There are a lot of other relaxing things about being so close to Portland. The weed is good, however the craft heineken made in Portland is just as excellent. Once or twice a month I drive into Portland at night just to catch a concert, or visit an art gallery opening! Portland is a center for the arts for this entire state, so I try to take fortune of the culture. When it’s all over, in addition to I’ve had our fun in addition to purchased our cannabis, I love leaving Portland behind in addition to going back to our own land.

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