Cannabis and wine, what more could I want?

My partner is a big wine consumer.

I wanted to take her on a trip where she could do some wine drinking, but I would have something to do as well.

I wanted to stay in the US as well. I looked around at the different states trying to find the one that would toil for both of us. I then landed in New Mexico because the landscapes were just great. Then I started finding that there are a lot of different wineries and wine tasting events there. Secondly, New Mexico has legal weed for sale. I found lots of different cannabis dispensaries, cannabis cafes and events. I am a big time marijuana lover. I adore smoking, trying an edible and perusing the different topicals. I found that Albuquerque, New Mexico has a vast selection of wineries and cannabis dispensaries. The Casa Rondeña was one of the venues that stood out to me. The vineyards were giant and the winery was large as well. The actual venue looked beautiful with all the plants, flowers and vines. There also is a wine shop and wine tasting room. My plan is to take our partner to the Case Rondeña and let her tour the winery, taste some unique wines and spend hours while she shops around. The next afternoon will be all for me. I want to sit in a vape lounge, dab bar and try all sorts of modern cannabis products. I guess we will both like each other’s events. There are other things to do in New Mexico as well. There are all sorts of museums and biking trails.

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All the Mexican joints here are great

I like Mexican food the best. You just can’t go wrong with it. As a vegetarian, it is the one of the only dishes that effortlessly caters to my diet. With most cuisines, they are going to sneak meat in their dishes. Mexican food utilizes peppers and onions which are some of my number one vegetables. I adore spicy food. The more hot sauce the better, so quesadillas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, you name it, I will have it. There were a lot of reasons I wanted to go to New Mexico. One reason is I wanted to work at a cannabis dispensary and there are lots of them there. The local cannabis shops are high end venues that tailor to a broad range of customers. Tourists flock to Albuquerque identifiably to experience recreational weed. I also loved that Albuquerque had hiking trails, big bars and the best restaurants around. When I started looking at the local restaurants and seeing all the Mexican food, I was so interested. There are so many venues that serve Mexican dishes. They don’t just simply take beans and cheese and then wrap in a flour wrap. They each have their own special sauce, chili and salsa. The first thing I did when I moved to Albuquerque was start eating out at all the local Mexican hot spots. I now have a venue that I like the salsa the best and a venue that I like the tacos the best. I am always down when someone wants to eat out. I am quick to say a Mexican joint because who doesn’t want to get drunk on margaritas?

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Turned out to be a baseball team

My best friend Lindsay and I recently went on a quick jot to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The two of us wanted anywhere that actually had everything.

In Albuquerque there are hiking trails, cute hotels, fun bars, cannabis dispensaries and all sorts of shops. Basically anything you want, this little area has it. Lindsay asked me if I wanted to see the Albuquerque Isotopes while we were there. I didn’t even look up what it was. An isotope is a math thing, I remembered that from school. I figured she wanted to do some boring math museum thing and told her I could do it. I didn’t realize that it was actually the name of the local baseball team. I had never been to a baseball match in my entire life. It was actually kind of cool seeing the locals lose it over a game. Lindsay and I tried the Isotope’s Slammin’ Amber which was a local beer that most people were drinking at the game. I got some nuts and Lindsay got pretzels. The two of us watched the game where Lindsay and I had no clue on the rules and the players names. It was still fun watching something most people lose their hats over stuff. It also was neat to say I had been to a baseball game. The local team was winning which was doubly fun as well. My friend and I got a bit tipsy that night and both agreed it was the best night of the whole trip. I might even go to another baseball game in an odd state. It was such a good time.
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I can bike to the dispensary easy

One hiking trail I love to bike on is Bear Canyon, don’t get this confused with AZ, I am talking about New Mexico.

I am actually into biking. I started out just buying an easy bike to save on gas. In Albuquerque, it is not like there is lots of traffic and people to jump around. I wanted to bike to stay healthy and also get to local bars and shops easier. I like jumping on our bike and going over the local cannabis dispensaries. A lot of the cannabis shops don’t have the best parking. With our bike I can just set it up to a tree and walk right into the shop. I can pick up a few edibles, different flower and a modern vape if I want. I pile them in our bike bin and call it a day. I have expanded our biking quite a bit. The bike that I visit cannabis shops is our fun bike. This bike has larger tires, a basket and is a pretty pink color. If I want to get extreme and actually bike in the dirt and along trails, I use our mountain bike. My work out bike has little tires, tons of odd gears, a water bottle mount and is bright red. One hiking trail I love to bike on is Bear Canyon, don’t get this confused with AZ, I am talking about New Mexico. I can bike a truly long haul on all sorts of terrain when I do the open loop of Bear Canyon. It is such a fine workout for myself and others and I am outside in the sun. I love that I can see local people and tourists alike walking around. I like that I can just stop and enjoy nature mid-work-out if I want to.

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We have a community program as well

Most people come to New Mexico looking for recreational marijuana

I am a big supporter of the OffCenter Community Arts Project. Here in Albuquerque the people I was with and I have a nonprofit center where local artists can be on their own. You have access to a studio space where you can paint in peace. Anyone can have a spot in the studio. Art is a truly wide and loose term too; People who paint, sew, make jewelry and play music are all at the studio space. I adore the vibe there and the mood. I like that I can set up our easel, bring our paints and not be talked to. If I want to talk to local artists like myself, it is always fine. I have made quite a few friends through Off Center. I am actually big in acquiring money to keep the venue going. Also, I do give a painting class every Wednesday at 3 pm and all the currency goes back into the center. A lot of the local artists will be doing crafts classes, crafts, rock n roll lessons, you name it. It is important to keep our community ahead. Not only is encouraging art a fine thing, however having a safe space for kids. There are kids that go to Off Center that might not have the best home, but here at the studio, they feel safe. Off Center also has been known to draw in tourists and help us raise money. Most people come to New Mexico looking for recreational marijuana. We have tons of shops here. However, travelers soon find our state has a lot more to offer.



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A good atmosphere for wine tasting

I adore wine.

  • When I turned legal I hunted around trying to find the drink that was for me.

I feel corona tastes like pee, and vodka, whiskey, gin, all of those hard liquors are just icky to me. I can’t drink them without a mixer and I don’t like the plan of a sugary mixer with it. Wine just actually stood out to me above the rest. I started getting into wine and where it was made. I started hunting for certain years of particular wines. I now go to wine tasting events in our home state of New Mexico all the time. I love trying new wines and from local farmers. Once a month I make it a fun little evening out for myself. One venue I like to go to is the slate street cafe. It is a more unique evening out when I do our wine tasting. There is a separate wine modern home where you can order food to link with the odd wines you are trying. The food and ambience actually is just wonderful. When a wine tasting is happening at the cafe I am booking our ticket. I usually drag a neighbor with me and we have a great time. It actually gives you everything you could possibly want in an evening out. You get food, booze, a nice atmosphere and conversation. I like talking with the workers at the cafe, the people selling the wine and other people drinking. We wine people have our own little culture and are protective over it. Even if you didn’t like wine, the slate street cafe has something for most people.

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A surprising first date

It was a nice end to the afternoon.

I live in Albuquerque and there are lots of things to do here. One thing that a lot of people request doing is going to the Indian Pueblo cultural center. I hadn’t done that until a date recently. I found it kind of odd that my date would want to study about the cultures and traditions of New Mexico’s pueblos. There were even exhibitions to read up about the Native culture. I wasn’t actually all that excited and I am not a history buff at all! Even though I live in New Mexico, my knowledge was quite small, surprisingly the date was a lot of fun though. I didn’t realize that the outdoor amphitheater also has dance events. They are people dressed in traditional clothing and they do a lot of cool dances. On the weekends, apparently live rock n roll is on and it is a fun time that can Spring into a fine evening out. That is what our date and I did. We watched some of the dancers, listened to rock n roll and then walked downtown. After dinner our date even suggested stopping into one of the marijuana dispensaries. I found it kind of neat that she mentioned cannabis over getting a beer. I actually love to smoke over booze anyway. It was a nice end to the afternoon. Watching and listening to rock n roll was truly fun but quiet peaceful. Smoking a bit of cannabis flower just added to our already zen state of mind. It was actually a very good first date. I am going to see that girl again.

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A 1920s hotel with flair

It also was in a main location to a lot of odd restaurants, bars and cannabis shops.

I travel a lot for work and my partner comes with me, but she has a task that is totally online based. It isn’t an issue to pack up a computer and do some work in a hotel room. I just make sure to get a big hotel with a business center. I also try to get a bigger venue in a bustling district. That way if my partner finishes work, she has something else to do! Recently our work took myself and my partner to New Mexico, typically Albuquerque. I started looking around at hotels and found a boutique hotel with a 1920s vibe. It has a prohibition style and all time drinks. The best is the rooftop bar and lounge though, you can go up super high and drink while overlooking the city. At night the lights along the bar actually give a clear view. I knew that every evening my partner would want to have a drink on the rooftop and like the night air while overlooking the city. The actual hotel room was extremely neat with the seasoned time theme and the beds were quite comfortable. It also was in a main location to a lot of odd restaurants, bars and cannabis shops. My partner and I aren’t big smokers but it was nice having the option. Our state doesn’t have cannabis shops on every street; Being near one made it easy to just have an edible at the end of the afternoon to wind down. We actually loved seeing that location. It proved to be truly unbelievable however also fun.

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We are looking for a place to honeymoon

My fiance Alex and I are looking for a honeymoon destination, but with COVID still being an issue it makes things tough; At first Alex and I wanted to go to Norway and spend numerous weeks hiking, rafting and seeing the waterfalls.

With that area of the world shut down we looked around at Europe, the travel bans are so tight that it doesn’t look possible for us, now I am looking for something within the US that would toil as a honeymoon endpoint.

I haven’t done a lot of regional traveling, so I am clueless on all the odd states and what they have to offer. I did find that Albuquerque, New Mexico has quite a lot to give. I found a lot of odd resorts that have spas and hotel rooms that look over wide sweeping landscapes. I like the plan of getting pampered on our honeymoon and just looking at the beautiful world around us. There is also a venue called Old Town that seems to have a lot of food, shops and other things to do; Of course there are the typical museums, bars and nightlife. Another thing that actually is drawing myself and Alex towards New Mexico is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries there. I guess it might be fun to try some edibles or smoke cannabis oil on our honeymoon, and my fiance and I have never smoked before because our state is so strict. It could be a wild, fun thing that Alex and I do on our honeymoon. A little weed and relaxation sounds just like the perfect recipe for romance.


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My bride as well as I got married last weekend

My new bride Bess as well as I dated for numerous years before I finally advocated. The numerous of us decided we should get married at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. The Conservatory of Flowers was first open in 1879. It is a single of the oldest buildings situated in Golden Gate Park. To me it is honestly a single of the most beautiful landmarks in all of San Francisco. Everyone who lives around the bay area has visited the conservatory at least once. Inside the conservatory are more than 1,500 species of exotic, tropical as well as aquatic plants. Some of them are quite rare as well as they have a few special exhibits love a miniature railroad as well as a lovely butterfly zone. The Conservatory of Flowers has a appealing display of aquatic plants. There are 100s of odd species of aquatic plants. My bestie has been studying marine biology as well as many kinds of aquatic plants for the past 10 years. I thought the Conservatory of Flowers was the perfect place to get married. I mentioned the Golden Gate Park endpoint to Bess when the two of us were waiting outside of the cannabis dispensary. Bess went to the cannabis dispensary close to our lake house in San Francisco. Bess thought I was joking, but I told her that I was serious. When our bestie heard the idea, she was undoubtedly stoked… Before Bess as well as I left the cannabis dispensary our bestie called as well as texted a bunch of her friends as well as her extended family to provide them the immense news. Bess and I will get married next May as long as the Conservatory has an open spot to accommodate us.

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