Author: Jimmy

Heat pump is the ideal choice

Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, requires both a cooling and heating system for the home. The temperature fluctuates from the thirties to the nineties. A heat pump is the ideal solution to the local climate. The single unit provides both heating and cooling capacity and offers incredible energy efficiency ratings. The electric heat pump uses refrigerant […]

New roof contributes to energy efficiency

The weather in South Bend, Indiana, is extreme all year round. The summer brings UV light and humidity. The spring and fall seasons tend to be rainy and windy. Winters are especially long, with temperatures well below freezing and lots of snow. The conditions are tough on the roof. Ice, sleet, hail, pests, blizzards and […]

Smart thermostat helps with unpredictable weather

My family makes the most of living in Springfield, Missouri. We are constantly on the go, enjoying the variety of available activities. There are more than one hundred city parks and recreational sites to supply an assortment of options. Busiek, Roaring River, Table Rock and Ha Ha Tonka are several of our favorite state parks. […]

Cleaning my air conditioner

Central air conditioning is a necessity in St Petersburg, Florida. The cooling system runs just about non stop and is crucial to indoor comfort and air quality. Its performance greatly impacts carbon footprint and budget. An air conditioner that is regularly maintained lasts longer, costs less to operate and provides greater cooling capacity. Upkeep for […]

Very happy with heated floors

I was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois. Other than a brief departure for college, I’ve lived in the area my entire life. The city is located about thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago. It is close enough to take advantage of the amenities of a big city yet far away to avoid the hustle and […]

Hoping to trim energy usage in the summer

Summers in Lakeland, Florida, are especially long, hot and muggy. While there are always a lot of fun and exciting outdoor activities to look forward to, the hot and sticky conditions can be a challenge. The air conditioner runs just about non stop for approximately six to eight months. I’m always shocked by the cost […]

Prefer to workout outdoors

It passed through several city parks, including Falls Park I prioritize my health and physical fitness. I am conscientious about my sleep, hydration and nutrition. I devote approximately an hour every day to some type of workout. Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I am most often forced to exercise indoors. During the spring and […]

Taking good care of the ductwork

In Fort Worth, Texas, we experience four seasons and a wide range of weather conditions. The summers are hot and humid while winters are cool and rainy. We rely heavily on the air conditioner and furnace. While the heating and cooling units split the workload, the ductwork operates day in and day just about year […]

Handling temperature control in historical home

About three years ago, my husband and I bought a historical home in Birmingham, Alabama. We’d lived in the area for nearly six years and had been on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind home in one of the beautiful historic neighborhoods. We were delighted to become residents of Forest Park. Located just southeast of downtown […]

Needing to replace our heat pump

My husband and I were able to afford property in a nicer neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, because the house had stood empty for several years. It required a lot of work and updates. The previous owner had begun renovations on one of the bathrooms but never finished. The room was gutted and not functional. There […]