Author: Jimmy

Getting rid of the wood stove was tough

When we bought a house it came with a decorative wood stove. Technically it could have been used to heat the living room, but it never was. The previous homeowners never used it. It was totally clean inside and out. The woodstove was so small that if used, it would barely provide enough living room […]

When in Seattle, do as the Seattleites do!

It’s a little surprising that a city as technologically-driven as Seattle, Washington is so well known for its local cannabis. It just doesn’t seem to make sense at first, that all these techno-geeks and big-time investors are just as into cannabis as everyone else. In fact, most of the people I know in Seattle don’t […]

21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas

Jimmy didn’t want to go to the casino, or to see a show, he wanted to stay in the hotel room smoking cannabis and watching TV. Jimmy and I are twins. When it was time for us to have our 21st birthdays, we decided we wanted to do the honors in Las Vegas. Going to […]

Work has traveling to California a lot

Work has me traveling all the time. I am constantly presenting new products to potential clients. I got really used to living out of a suitcase. I also am used to making friends in the area and being alone a lot. I really like when work makes me go somewhere warm. It is easy to […]

Convenience of pre-rolls

While I’ve experimented with the different types of consumption methods, I prefer old-school smoking. I find the process of it especially relaxing and enjoyable. I appreciate the flavor and rapid onset of effects. Unfortunately, I’m not capable of rolling a decent joint. I’ve practiced and simply can’t manage it. I either pack too much or […]