Author: Jimmy

Boys trip in Albuquerque

Another fun thing is that Albuquerque does have a lot of neat restaurants and biking paths too Every year my friends and I do a boys trip. We try to change where we go and not go too far from home. Since all of us are married and have kids, we don’t want to do […]

Honeymoon turned out okay

I got married right in the height of COVID and had to book a honeymoon. I wanted to go overseas to a European destination. Those places did not allow travelers from the United States. If the country did, all the testing and paperwork requirements were very scary. The last thing I wanted to do was […]

There is more to do in my area

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and most people don’t know much about my area. They think hot weather and Mexican food most likely. While that is true, there is so much more my state and city have to offer. Have you ever looked at the biking and hiking routes Albuquerque has to offer? It […]

A kid friendly trip

Every year I try to take the kids on a trip. I think it is a good idea to show the kids other locations than where we live. I also want them to get to know other parts of the country. It is appalling to me when someone can’t name all fifty states. We live […]

It is a food trip for me

I also found the Golden Crown Panaderia has all sorts of breads and pastries I am a foodie. When I go on a trip, I research the cute little restaurants for hours. It is important to me to have a fine hotel and enjoyable places to eat. If I can find a little cafe with […]