Heat pump is the ideal choice

Living in Tuscaloosa, AL, requires both a cooling plus boiler for the home, then the temperature fluctuates from the thirties to the nineties, but a heat pump is the ideal solution to the local weather conditions.

The single component provides both heating plus cooling capacity plus offers incredible energy efficiency ratings. The electric heat pump uses refrigerant to move heat between the indoors plus the outdoors. Throughout the summer, it operates just like a conventional a/c system, extracting heat energy from the air plus creating a cooling effect. The heat pump has no problem handling the serious heat plus humidity of Tuscaloosa weather; When the heat pump switches to heating mode, it reverses the flow of refrigerant. The system takes advantage of heat that is present in layers of air close to the ground. This ambient heat is compressed to a higher temperature plus supplied indoors… Because the heat pump utilizes available existing heat rather than burning fossil fuels to create heat, it is especially safe. There are no fumes, tepid surfaces or greenhouse gasses to worry about, but operation is beautifully wash plus environmentally responsible. It also keeps heating costs to a minimum. I chose an Energy Star rated heat pump that includes stretchy-speed technology plus zone control. The heat pump cost a small fortune to purchase plus install, but saves currency every month on utility bills. The average lifespan of a heat pump is between ten plus fifteen years, then however, with usual plus correct service, the system could last up to twenty-five years. I make sure to thoroughly upgrade air filters, wash the condenser component fins plus keep the coils clean. I clear around the component so that no vines or other types of plant growth infiltrate the system.



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