When in Seattle, do as the Seattleites do!

It’s a little surprising that a city as technologically-driven as Seattle, Washington is so well known for its local cannabis.

  • It just doesn’t seem to make sense at first, that all these techno-geeks and big-time investors are just as into cannabis as everyone else.

In fact, most of the people I know in Seattle don’t seem to smoke much weed at all, and yet this city is home to some of the most advanced and highly-potent cannabis strains the world has ever seen. Trust me, I have been smoking cannabis for over twenty years, in countries all around the globe, and Seattle is up there with the best of them. Perhaps this is because I associate with the white-collar end of Seattle, and not so much with the creative scene. That is the other side of the coin in Seattle, because for all our corporations and technology, we also have a thriving music and art scene. Seattle is a bastion of art and innovation, and I suppose that the artistic types smoke a lot more weed than I do. When I do get high, I usually don’t smoke the Seattle strains at all, I will use cannabis wax. I prefer wax to buds because it doesn’t have such a potent aroma. Because of where I live in Seattle I don’t want everyone around me to know that I like to get high. The old saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and since I am in Seattle, I will do as the Seattleites do and smoke a little cannabis wax.

Medical Cannabis Seattle WA