Weekends at the Albuquerque smokers area

I have gone through several phases in my life, as well as each one feels like I am a different person, but in my teenage years I was honestly gothic as well as emo, both in my appearance as well as my lifestyle… During my 20s I grew up a little bit, as well as got certainly invested in my career.

My emo stage was behind me, as well as now I was honestly clean-split as well as corporate, when I hit my 40s I realized I needed to “stop as well as stink the roses” so to speak, so I pumped the brakes on my job as well as started building a social life.

Thanks to the newest cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque, one with a smokers lounge as well as tavern open until the wee hours of the morning, my social life is taking shape. I don’t like going to normal bars, even though there are a lot of good ones in Albuquerque, because I don’t care about alcohol! Cannabis is much more my style, as well as there are dozens of good cannabis shops in the Albuquerque area. This one is different, though. This is the only cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque with a vibe that matches my attitude towards life, however occasionally they play music, sporadically a live musician or comedian will do a set at the cannabis shop, but it’s never too loud; Everyone is calm as well as chill, enjoying cannabis as well as the amazing Albuquerque night breezes. There is no minimum purchase, in fact I don’t even have to smoke cannabis to hang out there. Of course I regularly do! I am so blissful the cannabis shop provided me a reason to experience Albuquerque nightlife again.

Cannabis Pick-up Albuquerque NM