We wanted to go somewhere cool.

Last week, we were in the middle of a heat wave, and not even the air conditioning was helping to cool us off.

We talked about going to the pool, but there were so many people there, there was standing room only.

My kids wanted to go to the Big Sioux River. They had read you could rent kayaks there. I kind of balked at $60 per person rental fee, but I would have paid the same price for an amusement park, and the kids wouldn’t have been on or in the water all day. I told them to gather their sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen, and we headed to where the kayak rental was. Now, we had a problem. Our son wanted the stand up paddle board, but my wife wanted the pedal boat. I told them they had to all choose the same thing, or no one was going on the water. We opted for a raft, so we could all go together. The staff could set up a route for us that could be accessed by raft. Our route took us down the Big Sioux River, and through downtown Sioux Falls. It was hot, but the water was soothing and we had our hands or legs in the water most of the time. The entire experience was fun, and we didn’t need to focus on our route, but just on having fun. I know I balked at the price, but it was definitely worth it when we all got off the river and were laughing. Our youngest son fell in the water, and we had to fish him out. Other than that, there were no sunburns, and it helped to beat the heat.


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