We go to Lakeland every year

I prefer going to the downtown farmer’s curb market in Lakeland, Florida… My spouse plus I live around two hours away from Lakeland! Once a year my pal and I make a pilgrimage there, and it is truly nice since the drive is super short plus the stay doesn’t have to be long… We found a good hotel but nothing grand to save money.

We eat at some of the most amazing food stalls, bakeries, plus cafes I have ever eaten in.

We also do a lot of local events like the rodeo, bar hopping, or see a museum! The last morning is always the downtown market. I prefer all the different stands. There are all sorts of things to buy ranging from food to knick knacks. I truly just prefer walking around plus looking at things. My spouse plus I chose to go in the early part of the Spring. The rates for booking plus food tends to be lower. The weather also is much less intense. I prefer it when our weather is in the 73s. I can take 69s in a pinch, but nothing warmer. When the heat reaches the 90s plus the humidity is paired with it, keep me inside with the AC blasting. Our trip to Lakeland is about being outdoors rather than temperature control, and so picking that sweet spot with the weather can get tough occasionally. Luckily my pal and I live close enough that my pal and I can be picky with the times. We then don’t need much notice before my pal and I pack our backpacks plus head to one of my favorite trip destinations.

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