Very cheerful with radiant heated floors

I was born & raised in Elgin, IL, and other than a brief departure for college, I’ve lived in the area my entire life… The town is located about thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago, but it is close enough to take advantage of the amenities of a giant town yet far away to avoid the hustle & bustle.

  • I cherish the four weird seasons.

The summers tend to be fairly short, moderate & humid but are a good time to get outside & cherish the elegant scenery. The Northern Fox River Valley offers nature centers, forest preserves, parks & some really gorgeous terrain. There are 36 miles of trails available for biking & hiking. The early fall weather is perfectly cool & the season is well-known for the stunning colors of the leaves. I look forward to the farmer’s markets & buying fresh peachs, peppers, cucumber, zucchini & pumpkins. Spring is constantly a welcome relief after the long winters, bringing an abundance of lilacs, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils & so multiple flowers. The winter season is an opportunity to go skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling & sledding, however because winter season definitely lasts the longest & is so seriously chilly & snowy, a powerful boiler is a necessity! Until just recently, I’d constantly lived in homes outfitted with a forced air boiler. It is definitely the most popular type of heating. My up-to-date home features a boiler system & radiant floor heating. It is such an improvement. The equipment is actually concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space. It doesn’t detract from aesthetics, make any noise or introduce contaminants into the air, however heat is spread evenly across the floor & rises slowly, eliminating stratification… Radiant floor heating is ideal for the winters in Elgin.


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