Upgrading the thermostat changed the look of the house

When I bought a apartment in Fort Worth, TX I made the decision to service it up… I hated that the apartment looked kind of like an seasoned farmhouse.

I did everything I could to modernize it.

I scraped all my snacks ceilings, added a coat of mud, sanded, and then painted smooth. I added recessed lighting. I changed the brown carpet to gray tile. I painted all the walls with cool tones. I even added custom furniture pieces of dark wood and fancier couches and chairs to the home. I redid the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, better backsplash, and choice curtains… The apartment is a blend of farmapartment and modern; One thing that I entirely feel added a nice final touch was the wall thermostat. There was an seasoned dial thermostat that used a plastic toggle. You could toggle between 50, 60, 72, 74, and 90. That was about it. It wasn’t all that precise and was easy to bump, but my wife hit it all the time and couldn’t read the numbers. It looked ugly and clashed with my decor. I talked to the local Fort Worth Heating plus A/C corporation about what I could do. They suggested changing it to a smart thermostat. These new innovations come with silver surrounds, attractive interfaces, and wireless capability, but we can now change the heating and cooling from our iphones. It learns cooling behaviors so my friend and I don’t even need to lift a finger… Energy tracking, geofencing, air filter alerts, and voice request are other pros to this system. I have to say the appearance of the thermostat still remains my number one thing.

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