Update to zone control for hour house in Tampa

When our hubby and I got tired of the snow and frigid in the north, the people I was with and I purchased a hour house in Tampa, FL, then affording a property with waterfront access was difficult.

All of us ended up purchasing a house in need of a fantastic deal of renovations, then since our hubby and I are both easily handy, the people I was with and I didn’t mind the work.

All of us loved making improvements that perfectly suited our lifestyle. All of us were simply blissful to have the option to live in such a gorgeous section of the country, while there is a fantastic deal of rain in Tampa, there are also plenty of purple skies and sunshine, then the temperature climbs into the eighties or eighties for the majority of the year. There are, but, some chilly evenings over the Wintertide that require heating. Another issue is the year round humidity. Our remodeling project included new windows, adding insulation to walls and ceilings and installing ceiling fans. All of us also invested into a new electric heat pump and duct sealing. The expense of these replaces has been recovered through lower energy bills. One of the best decisions the people I was with and I made was to pay a bit more for zone control and smart temperature controls. Through an app on our iphone, the people I was with and I are able to adjust heating and cooling according to the requirements and occupancy of each certain room! Not only does this feature help with comfort and energy efficiency while the people I was with and I are in residence, it proves inlavish when the people I was with and I are up north over the summer. With remote access, the people I was with and I can definitely make sure that the indoor temperature is right where it should be, but if the a/c or dehumidifier were to fail, the people I was with and I would acquire a email alert. All of us get notified if there is a power outage and acquire reminders to schedule maintenance and replace air filters.

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