They didn’t skimp out on the AC

My house in Birmingham is older and constantly fighting me when I want to make changes.

Whoever designed the home was a man.

There is no storage anywhere. There is a giant room that housed a bunch of guns though. The laundry was outside in the shed. There was a huge master bedroom, separate bathroom but with a tiny kitchen. They didn’t utilize their space well. The HVAC component in my Birmingham house is top of the line though. I actually own a high velocity HVAC unit. This where you take a smaller, flexible duct to fit into the slats of an older home. The air quickly whips around the space to lower the temperature. It is highly effective and efficient. The ductwork doesn’t get damaged or cause any issues in the home. I love the cooling function during an AL summertime. The AC kicks on and I feel the blast within a few moments. The man who designed and paid for the AC really treated himself. I don’t suffer at all in the heat. I just wish there were other practical elements as well. I am constantly scrimping and working around for a nicer storage situation. I am always trying to gain space in my kitchen without any luck. The gun room is going to need to go for sure. I could make it a huge pantry or a storage closet. Who knows where my life might take me a few years though. It might turn out to be a baby’s room.


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