There is a lot of competition for cannabis in Denver

Making scientific breakthroughs requires money, this is a fact.

I am a botanist, with a keen interest in the cannabis plant.

When I attended college it was forbidden to grow weed plants on or around campus. I still grew them, but I did it in my greenhouse at home. My focus was always on this particular plant, because I felt there was still a lot I could learn from it. After graduation I sold my home and rented a cabin outside of Denver, Colorado, ready to begin the first stage of my new career. As I said, science requires money, so if I wanted to fund my projects I needed to find some financial backers. Denver is one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of cannabis production and sales. Denver is famous for its weed, and several major cannabis companies are centered here. I was so fired up to make this happen, only to find that there was a long line of people that had similar ideas. Since Denver is a national capital of cannabis, everyone who wants to make it big comes here. Just like Hollywood is the place people go to get into the acting business, Denver is where people come when they want to get into the cannabis business. I will not be able to find any financial backers in Denver at this time, because there is too much competition. My new plan is to get a job managing a local cannabis dispensary and start collecting information about Denver buying trends and retail sales figures.


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