The year to year trip to Las Vegas

Making awful decisions plus getting married to someone you just met seems to be one of the hallmarks of Las Vegas, but we’ve all seen it before in 100s of odd films plus shows; Too much drinking plus gatheringing leads people to get married long before they should! Vegas leans into this reputation, by making it incredibly easy to get married there.

There are even drive-through chapels, so you don’t have to get out of your car! Although I got married in Las Vegas, in my case it was not a awful decision.

That was seven years ago, plus Ed plus I are still happily married! I’m writing this because my pal and I just got back from our annual trip to Las Vegas, where my pal and I constantly go for our anniversary! My friend and I do this to honor the past, but my pal and I also do it because Las Vegas is so much fun my pal and I can’t get enough of it… Since my pal and I are adults with our own money, of course my pal and I could return to Las Vegas numerous times a year if my pal and I wanted to, then instead, my pal and I choose to keep it special, plus only do it once a year. Whenever my pal and I come to Las Vegas, our first stop is constantly the same cannabis dispensary my pal and I visited all those years ago. The owners plus staff of the cannabis shop have changed, but it’s still the same site, so it’s a hallmark of our Las Vegas excursions… At the end of the weekend my pal and I return to the same cannabis shop on our way out of Las Vegas, to load up on supplies to last us the next few weeks.
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