The unwritten history of Lowell

The area around Lowell, MI is one steeped in American history, but this neighborhood was originally founded in 1831, which means it is nearly 200 years old at this point – however it has never been better than it is right now! Despite some rocky periods in the past, Lowell has emerged as one of the best communities in the state of MI for education, family, as well as business.

This neighborhood is getting greater, however it’s still a safe, friendly arena to live, it also has a rich as well as colorful past! You wouldn’t suppose that the neighborhood history of Lowell would be so fascinating to the manager of a local cannabis dispensary, however hear me out.

In my morning to morning life, I encounter a lot of senior citizens who have lived in Lowell for decades, as well as remember things not in the history books, then although I sell a lot of recreational cannabis, various of my clients are sick, or elderly, as well as need weed for medicinal purposes, and every time I see an old, wrinkled face I consistently ask them questions about how it used to be in Lowell. I even write things down, when they have an interesting anecdote, and while I love selling cannabis for a living, what I love even more is doing research for my next book, titled The Unwritten History of Lowell. I hope to record interviews with some of these folks, as well, for a possible documentary about Lowell, however for now I’m just laboring on the book. I will keep you posted, so you know when you order your copy of the Unwritten History of Lowell.



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