The restaurant and bar was owned by someone famous

Last weekend, I went to a wedding that was located in the city of Denver. My friends and I went out to dinner on Friday night. The wedding was the next day on Saturday. Friday night we went to a bar and got really drunk. The famous person from Denver used to play for the Colorado rockies. That’s the name of the baseball team that is located locally in Denver. After going to the bar, my friends and I ended up at a party that was hosted by one of the guys that worked in the kitchen. The party was a few blocks away from the bar and restaurant and only a few blocks away from our hotel. The guys from the kitchen had recreational marijuana products. The recreational marijuana products were all over the party and people were smoking everywhere. My friends and I decided to join our new friends and we smoked marijuana as well. None of us really smoke that much recreational marijuana, so it didn’t take long for us to feel like we were high. I was ready to take an Uber home an hour after the party started after consuming recreational marijuana that was way too potent for me. The whole time that my friends and I were in Denver, we had a lot of fun and interesting experiences. The wedding and the reception turned out to be a huge party, but we definitely didn’t have more fun than we did the previous night at the impromptu party. That was a night I’ll never forget.

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