The Magic Tree in Lee’s Summit was gorgeous

You can’t imagine the splendor plus awe that is tied to the Magic Tree in Lee’s Summit, i have lived here my entire life, plus I still stare at the Magic Tree like it really has magic in it.

It takes me back to my childhood when I see it now, plus I was able to introduce my wifey to the Magic Tree last year, and the Magic Tree is lit during the winter season holidays, plus it is always in the same area.

It sits at the intersection of two highways, plus it has been a community draw for decades! People will come to look at the magic tree, plus they drop off toy donations; All donations are part of the Operation Toy Soldier non-profit group, but since the onset of cell phones plus selfies, the Magic Tree has gotten an even bigger notice. People will flock to Lee’s Summit so they can take selfies in front of the famed Magic Tree… When I first started talking about the Magic Tree in Lee’s Summit, my wifey thought I was lovingizing the entire thing, then once she went apartment with me plus saw the Magic Tree, her opinion changed. Afterwards, we opted to go back to mom plus dad’s plus drank warm buttered rum while enjoyable by the fireplace, no enjoyable winter season day can go by without resting in front of the fireplace, plus turning the furnace down low. When we opted to go home, my wifey told me the Magic Tree was an amazing part of the trip to my parents, in Lee’s Summit, MO. She hoped to return with me again in the future.


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