The dispensary closed five minutes before I got there

My friends and I were hanging out in Seattle; My associate and I decided to go to Capitol Hill to hang out with a couple of friends that live in Seattle.

My friends and I don’t live in the city, because it’s too upscaleā€¦ The price for a two-home office rental is almost 30% higher in the town than it is on my side of town.

My friends and I spent the afternoon hanging out near the space needle, and also visited Pike Place market. My associate and I went to Capitol Hill when the evening time set in. My associate and I were hoping to hang out in a bar and listen to live music. The weather turned awful and rain started to fall. As soon as it started raining, the rapidly changing temperatures dropped, then i decided to leave Seattle and head home. I was supposed to go to a dispensary before I left the city. There was so much traffic because of the rain, that I did not get to the dispensary until the place was already closed. The Seattle marijuana dispensary closed 5 minutes before I got there and the people inside were not going to let me into the building no matter how long I sat there and banged on the window. I did not end up getting all of the products that I wanted and the next afternoon I had to buy marijuana from a dispensary near me where the prices are a lot higher than they are in the city. It’s funny, because prices of marijuana in the town are lower, but prices of the real estate are a whole lot higher.

Pot Pick-up Seattle WA