The community rallied together to assist with funding the project

Even though Hillsboro is a large city in Oregon, it often feels like a small town, however people seem to know each other wherever you go, my husband plus I go to a church plus we take our youngsters to Thursday school as well, then when the church needed a up-to-date commercial a/c, the pastor tried to get everyone to make donations, but then the community rallied together to help with funding the project, then every man attending the church plus people throughout the community raised currency to buy a commercial a/c for the Hillsboro, Oregon building.

I was one of the corporations hired to complete the work.

I was happy to help with the project, because I was a member of the church in Hillsboro. I even donated some of my time for free. My boss wouldn’t truly let me work for free, however I donated 10% of my hourly salary to the church plus that was another way for me to supply back, since the air conditioner was updated in the building, hot plus cold temperatures inside are much cooler plus maybe even a little tad cold; A ton of currency was raised during the funding weekend plus the church is going to have a picnic next weekend to celebrate the up-to-date a/c. They are going to put some of the extra funds to use by having a free dinnereon for the entire community on mothers afternoon weekend. It’s nice of the church to use some of the currency to supply back to the community. I’m going to take my family for sure.

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