The change in weather

When I moved down south to FL my family was shocked… My pal and I all lived up north most of our lives, so why would I leave? I hated the northern weather.

Most of the year was cold. My pal and I had snow, ice, hail, plus drastic windchill for months on end, but the Summer season wasn’t warm enough to warrant A/C, and i didn’t like the potlicis, town, plus where I was going. So down south I went… No more state insurance, inspections for cars, democratic views, plus cold weather. I now prefer St! Petersburg, FL. I was originally shocked by the weather. I knew it would be warmer, but not that warm. The first thing I did was upgrade my cooling situation. The A/C plan just felt kind of small for what I needed, and rather than a ductless mini split, I sprung for a central device. I got heating with it as part of the deal. I kind of thought I would never use my furnace. It is FL after all, and well jokes on me. I am so blissful that I have heating capability. I suppose if the system wasn’t both heating plus cooling I wouldn’t have gotten heat later on. The FL winter is brief but does get cold. There are times where it can dip below frigid. Weather in the 50s is more respected though, then after the cold afternoons on end, having a good furnace is really nice to come home to. It is not at all like up north. It is just cold enough to give me a cut from the heat, but it is not so cold that I need to wear heavy duty clothes.

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