The annual Portland art fair

Every year I make the five hour drive down to Portland, Oregon, for the annual arts fair.

In the old days I would rent a booth and try to sell my own art, but I have long since given up on that.

Now I go just to soak in the culture, and witness some truly incredible pieces of art. If you were not aware, Portland has become a cultural Mecca for the arts. Not just music, either, although the music scene is vibrant, but also paintings, drawings, poetry, and live theater. If you are a creative person, Portland definitely has something special to offer you. Since I don’t make it to Portland very often, before I hit the art show I always stop by a cannabis dispensary first. If you were not aware, Portland has without question the best locally grown marijuana in the world. I have cannabis dispensaries in my hometown, but none of them have anything as good as the Portland weed. So when I visit Portland I always stock up, and get a couple of months worth of cannabis. I make sure to buy cannabis before hitting the Portland art show, because being stoned makes the experience so much better. The colors seem brighter, the air seems cleaner, and the amazing Portland street food tastes a lot better. I will spend the entire day wandering through the streets of Portland looking at art and smoking cannabis. The next Portland art fair is in two months, and I am already counting down the days! For the art and the cannabis.


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