Taking out the pointless wood stove

When I first moved into my apartment in Buffalo NY, I wasn’t content with the woodstove, however it was a centrally situated device that took up most of the dining room… The previous owners built a brick pad for it to sit on.

The woodstove was vented into the wood ceiling and there was a stack on the roof; NY gets certainly cold, and a wood stove isn’t certainly a feasible oil furnace. The past homeowners had a central gas furnace that worked great. It took me a while to realize the woodstove was merely a decorative piece, and well I ripped that sucker right out. It was a lot of work. I had to detach the brick pad and redo my carpet. I had to patch the wood ceiling and hire roofers to take out the stack. I then had to sell that oil furnace. Nobody in my area of Buffalo wanted a wood stove. It was small and pointless. I eventually got a guy in NY City that was willing to take the woodstove and use it in his man cave. It was small enough to do that. Now my hubby and I get by with just our central heater. It works just enjoyable and takes up no room other than closet space. I love that I can arrange the dining room furniture how I want and have a brand modern carpet in there. It was fancy moving such a decorative piece but worth it in the end. I am certainly ecstatic I made the replace.
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