Renovating our apartment in Birmingham

My spouse and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, right after we graduated from school.

My buddy and I had genuinely little money to invest into purchasing a apartment however didn’t want to rent; After touring the many neighborhoods, we were gleeful to find an affordable property in Highland Park, located right near downtown Birmingham, the part offers amix of historic homes, house buildings and small businesses.

My buddy and I were able to afford the apartment because it had been left vacant for quite some time and need a good deal of renovation, fixing up the apartment has taken us quite a few years. My buddy and I began with the most pressing complications, such as a current roof and bringing the electrical system up to code, we’ve installed current windows and exterior doors, sanded and refinished the hardwood floors and eventually managed to remodel both bathrooms… It took us quite a while to save up the money to replace the kitchen. I was gleeful to replace the aged refrigerator, stove, linoleum floor, warped cupboards and formica countertops. We’ve gradually torn down all of the walls and ceilings throughout the house, added insulation and installed current drywall, outlets and light fixtures, however this allowed us to access the air duct, which was a mess. Whoever designed the original duct system created all sorts of sharp bends that restric airflow. There were also holes, leaks at the seams and a tremendous amount of grime builtup inside the pipes. My buddy and I hired a local Birmingham Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional to particularly remove the aged air duct and design a more energy efficient alternative. My buddy and I took out a loan to afford a high-efficiency furnace and cooling system that effectively handle the demands of local weather. With hot and cold temperatures in Birmingman dropping into the thirties and climbing into the nineties, heating and cooling is pressing to comfort.


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