Radiant heating was such a fine purchase

When I moved to Sioux Falls I knew I needed to get a fine furnace, my condo came with an older component that was about to go! I debated on replacing right then and there! Then I decided to wait until it died.

In the meantime I did a bunch of projects, however one of them was adding up-to-date flooring to my house.

I ripped up the old rugs and began the process of changing to tile. Thankfully along the way I realized I was setting myself up perfectly for radiant floors. I just needed to add the electric mats on top of the brick board. I called up my local Sioux Falls heating dealership to inquire about the cost. It did double the price tag of my project but I was getting a furnace at the end of it along with up-to-date floors, so I went for it. Seemed like the perfect time to me. I got the component installed, did my flooring, and covered it up. My condo heating device lasted exactly one year. Then I had it removed to free up storage space and I have since relied on heated flooring. I will never go to another system again. I cherish that there is no space taken up with my furnace. It is hidden under the flooring. It is also silent and doesn’t use forced air. That means no heated air rising, no freezing spots, and no terrible indoor air quality. The heat stays where you want it and comes when you want it, but will only have radiant heating for the rest of my life.

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