Pregnant during a Tampa summer twice

When I was pregnant with my first son I didn’t think any of it.

  • I wanted a baby, we tried for one and I got pregnant.

Well I got pregnant in February and was due in April. I live in Tampa, FL and had a pregnancy during the hottest parts of the year. Being extremely pregnant when it is super duper hot is horrible. The heat and humidity is rough. Being pregnant on top of that was horrible. I am not some type of blushing wallflower that hangs around in the AC all day either. I worked out in my shed that didn’t have any AC. I then went for walks, read, did yard work, painted my shed, and was outside in the heat of the day. Going inside when the AC was pumping was my only relief. I remember sleeping with just a sheet on my bed and still being hot. I then told my husband that I would never be pregnant over the summer again. Whoops. We didn’t plan for it, but I am pregnant again. I got pregnant in March and I am due in December. So it is the same situation. I am going to be prepared this time around. I have AC in my shed ready to go. I also have the home AC upgraded. I also got an above ground pool for outdoor time during the heat of Tampa summers. I still am not happy with my situation. Being pregnant during a Tampa winter would have been quite comfortable. It isn’t that cold where you have to bundle up or anything like that.


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