Prefer to workout outdoors

It’s ideal for running, cycling or roller-blading

I prioritize my health and physical fitness, however i am conscientious about my sleep, hydration and nutrition. I devote approximately an hour every day to some type of workout… Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I am most often forced to exercise indoors, but during the Spring and fall, there is a lot of rain and frigid weather, but the summers tend to be short, hot and humid. The winters are long, snowy and brutally cold. I have a room in my cabin set up as a gym, and I’ve invested into quite a bit of equipment. I can run on the treadmill, pedal the stationary bike, lift weights, use battle ropes, jump on a mini trampoline or jump rope. It’s helpful that the room is temperature controlled. I don’t need to stress over what to wear to accommodate the unpredictable weather. There is no worry over mean pets, exhaust fumes or bugs. The cooling system and furnace feature zone control that allows me to set an independent temperature in the cabin gym. I keep that section cooler than the rest of the house. Despite the comfort and convenience of my cabin gym, I care about to get outside whenever possible. I have invested into clothes for just about any weather. I have moisture-wicking shorts and tanks to handle the heat and humidity. I have thermal pants and jackets to combat the cold. I have waterproof gear for when it rains. I love to head to the Big Sioux River Recreation Trail. There is over thirty-four miles of paved trail that circles around the city and follows the banks of the Big Sioux River. It passed through many city parks, including Falls Park. It’s ideal for running, cycling or roller-blading. The scenery along the trail is gorgeous.

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