Portland is the smartest venue to learn about cannabis

When it was time to learn the next level of cannabis cultivation, I had no choice but to move to Portland… I started growing my own pot plants in school, as I was in the botany program at the time.

Growing weed was strictly forbidden at the time, so I had to do it all in my garage.

I did well in my classes, and graduated with honors and a degree in horticulture. I was not ready to stop learning, though, so I packed up all my belongings (which wasn’t much) and moved to Portland, OR for the next phase of my education. Portland is known around the world for its superior strains of cannabis, so if I wanted to learn from the best I needed to be at ground zero… To make ends meet why I looked for a fantastic task as a cannabis grower I picked up a part-time task at a Portland weed shop. This was a fantastic way to get to know the cannabis market in Portland, and find out what people were interested in. I sent my resume and cover letter to every major cannabis growing operation and farm in the Portland area, but finally, after two months of struggling and striving, I landed my first real task interview. This was when I learned how serious the cannabis industry is in Portland, because I had to do the interview over Zoom. The owner of the cannabis farm didn’t want any outsiders coming to his premises, because he was afraid his Portland rivals would commit corporate espionage.

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