Our weather is chillier than Iceland

Did you assume that Buffalo NY gets colder weather than Iceland? People are regularly shocked when they hear that. Iceland has to be chilly right? Well I live in Buffalo & I went on our honeymoon in iceland. It gets chilly there! The summers are in the 50s & it gets into the 30s during the winter; Nobody has tan lines or swimsuits there, and everyone dresses up in sizzling gear. It is cold, but not noteworthy… My hometown gets much colder. The snow is just horrible, but rather than inches, it comes down to feet. The ice is regularly a problem. It frequently warms up to wear the snow melts & leaves a wet residue. Then the night gets chilly & freezes… What is worse is that if snow follows there is a bunch of hidden black ice. It can be super dangerous driving in the area. I remember driving our automobile to University at Buffalo & the weather was -22 degrees. That was a usual Winter time day for us, and you just learn how to dress in our area. You can have no exposed skin… Have you seen the movie Fargo where the girl has her hood wrapped so slim around her face she is just a nose? Well that is how you dress in our area. You can’t go outside without a scarf, gloves & a hat. You need thermal gear & waterproof boots. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I cannot imagine how people deal with 100 degree heat. It is much easier to sizzling up than cool down.
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