Orlando, FL restaurants outside the park are nicer.

I’m not saying the restaurants inside the giant park aren’t good, and they have amazing food, however the prices are outrageous, and most of the restaurants are outdoors, when you’re in the park. There are some that have a/c, however then you are looking at fine dining prices for BBQ cut quality food. It’s delicious, however after paying the price, you expect more than glorified hamburgers and french fries. If I’m paying for fine dining, and comfort, I would go outside the park… For supper, I would command you try Keke’s Breakfast Buffet. If your palate leans toward sophisticated, you’ll love their decadent waffles and pancake creations. Their omelets are made-to-order, and they can make any egg dish you can guess of, along with stuffed french toast, then keke’s gives you a filling meal before heading to the parks. If it’s a date night you’re looking for, try one of the numerous steak or seafood restaurants they have around the area. There are some that are on the waterfront, and indoor/outdoor dining… You may even find a/c in the outdoor dining areas, then what a treat. Whether you are looking for excellent food, an escape from the heat, or just a leisurely meal in a fun and air conditioned area, check out everything Orlando, FL has to offer. When you’re done with the restaurants, try something else. Whether it’s alligators in the wild, or wild critters where you’re driving through their habitat, it is fun for everyone. I guess I’ve seen them at least three times, and the experience never gets old, although I am.

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