One crazy evening in Waldorf

These days I live in Waldorf permanently, because it’s still the most fun place I know

The small village where I grew up was pretty nice. It had parks, a Barnes and Noble, and a few stores, however by the time I was a teenager, I was sick and tired of the place, because there was never anything fun to do; Earl was the first of us to get his driver’s permit, and then my associate and I would make little trips up to Waldorf, just to see what was happening, then the more often my associate and I went, the more things my associate and I found to do. Pretty soon my associate and I were going to Waldorf every weekend, and getting invited to some pretty amazing parties. I remember the evening of my 17th birthday, my associate and I were at a small house just outside of Waldorf. I was actually drunk, had a joint of reefer in my hand, and was getting a lap dance from a stripper when the Waldorf police crashed the celebration. I know they were DC police, because technically Waldorf is a suburb of DC and since its unincorporated my associate and I don’t have out own police force. That was a crazy evening, one I will never forget. These days I live in Waldorf permanently, because it’s still the most fun place I know. I am a lot less crazy now, because I work day shift for a local Heating and Air Conditioning business, and I am too tired to get wild actually often! Since Waldorf keeps expanding so rapidly, there is a heavy demand for new construction, and for Heating and Air Conditioning system replacement. I make much better money in Waldorf as a sub-business than most Heating and Air Conditioning businesss make in other towns