Not happy with the winters

I moved to Elgin, Illinois, from the southeastern coast about five years ago.

I had never experienced snow or temperatures below freezing before.

I initially relocated in the fall and was delighted by the colorful scenery, crisp air and blue skies. Getting away from the excessive heat and humidity was a relief. I was excited to bundle up in sweaters, scarves, hats and boots. When the temperature dropped into the fifties, I turned up the thermostat. My house was perfectly warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, the temperature continued to plummet. It dropped below freezing, and it was impossible to keep warm. It also snowed steadily, accumulating in feet. I was not prepared for how long the winter conditions lingered. While Elgin is a really lovely area and I have no intention of moving, I still despise the winters. I start dreading the cold weather in September. I know it won’t be long before I am trapped inside for six to eight straight months. Every time I want to go somewhere, I’ll need to let the car defrost for twenty minutes, brush the snow off the hood and scrape ice from the windshield. Spending time outdoors shoveling the snow is just awful. The only part of the winter I enjoy is snuggling up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate. I take very good care of my furnace. I certainly don’t want to face a sudden malfunction in the middle of the night and be left without heat. I have enrolled into a maintenance program with a local HVAC contractor that includes two service calls per year and 24/7 emergency response without overtime fees.


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