Needing to update our heat pump

My partner & I were able to afford house in a nicer city of Tampa, FL, because the property had stood empty for numerous years. It required a lot of work & updates! The previous owner had begun renovations on one of the lavatorys however never finished. The room was gutted & not functional. There was a good deal of garbage piled in the lanai, numerous broken windows & missing appliances, but my partner & I care about tackling property improvement projects, then we were happy with the option to customize the property to our preferences. We started with the lavatory, adding a shower, sitting down cement & installing a vanity & toilet. We painted the exterior & interior of the house, cleaned up the yard & hauled away all of the debris left behind by the previous owner. We had some problems with the reliability of the heat pump. Although it seemed to be operating just fine, it appeared harshly old; Every time it started up, it made a entirely loud rattling sound. We were entirely surprised when the heat pump continued to deliver effective heating & cooling for nearly five years. In the middle of the summer, I noticed warm air coming from the vents. When I busy repairs from a local Tampa Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business, the serviceman found a small refrigerant leak! He recharged the refrigerant, charged me a hundred dollars & told me he wasn’t sure how long the repair would last. A year later, my nice friend and I once again faced the same problem. At that point, I decided to invest into a brand new heat pump.
Smart thermostat in Tampa Florida