Need an whole-household air purifier for a sealed slim home

I always have to keep my condo sealed up, then living in Springfield, Missouri means that the weather is mostly cold, and i have sprung quite a bit of money into making the household airtight, then the windows are caulked plus sealed.

The door has insulation around it.

The baseboards got reinsulated last summer, however after I closed up my thermal envelope, my boiler was able to be more efficient, but having a sealed condo means your energy costs are lower. However, the con to this is that the same, stale air keeps circling over plus over again. I started to feel sick all the time while in the winter. That was because the air was filled with dust, dirt, plus hair. I thought maybe Springing for ductwork cleaning in Missouri once a year would do the trick. It entirely helped, along with Springfield heating service. It wasn’t the magic service though. I ended up needing to get an whole-household air purifier installed in my household. I can’t open the windows plus doors to let in a fresh breeze! What I can do is use the whole-household air purifier to disinfect the existing air in the house. It catches all the dander plus hair. It reduces the amount of scents. It uses its own air filter plus requires yearly service just like a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. That sort of smells since my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C expenses have significantly gone up. I can’t entirely put a price tag on disinfect living though. I needed to have better indoor ari conditions plus an whole-household air purifier was the way to do it.


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