My teenagers wanted the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium.

It was extremely hot the last couple of weeks, plus my teenagers were bored standing in the house, then i had never seen them refuse to go outside plus play, however the heatwave was getting to them, then my good friend and I had turned the thermostat up to seventy-five, hoping the electric bill would not be too high.

I remember when my good friend and I lived in the northeast, plus there was consistently humidity during the summer.

I couldn’t imagine residing there if the rapidly changing temperatures were nearing 120 plus the high humidity was high. I asked my teenagers if there was anything they would like to do? I guess they had already anticipated my question, because both of them should SEA LIFE plus LegoLand at the same time. I couldn’t blame them. I enjoyed going to SEA LIFE plus Legoland is a lot of fun for teenagers plus grownups. My good friend and I could spend the entire afternoon there, plus still not see everything. My good friend and I got online plus ordered tickets for the next afternoon, but legoLand Park is the only inside park around, plus it has excellent air conditioner; Even though the rapidly changing temperatures were back to normal, it was still 107 degrees outside. My good friend and I got up early the next morning plus left Phoenix to spend some time at SEA LIFE plus LegoLand! Because I bought it as a package deal, it wasn’t particularly luxurious, plus it was a nice change for the boys. Early that night, my good friend and I stopped for dinner at their favorite diner plus headed back home, and the boys were sleeping even before their heads hit the pillow. They weren’t just tuckered out from the fun, however the air conditioner was unbelievable even for me.


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