My mom is heading off to Albuquerque soon

My mom has been speaking to a guy online for a long while.

  • I easily knew the guy was from Albuquerque, NM, but I never expected my own mother to ever transfer out of state.

A week back, my mom and I went out to have breakfast in the city. We were having a pretty nice morning, then my mom decided it was the time to drop a big bomb in my lap. She easily told me that she was planning to transfer to Albuquerque, NM in a week. I thought she was joking, but the look on her face was pretty serious. My mom informed me that the guy was hoping to marry her, even though he didn’t want to transfer to the east coast because NM has legal cannabis. The guy currently lives in Albuquerque and I actually believe he uses cannabis every single day. I have a hard time believing that my mom fell in love with a guy that loves smoking weed. All the time back in school, she told me not to do drugs ever, and now she has fallen completely in love with a pot smoker. Albuquerque has legal cannabis dispensaries pretty much everywhere and the guy does not have the desire to give that up. I’m pretty worried about my mother and her safety. She has no clue in the slightest what it will be similar to living in a big place like Albuquerque. I know there are a huge amount of activities, museums, and cultural events, but my mom has lived in a rural area with a population of 1500 people for most of her life. Moving to Albuquerque is going to be a relatively serious shock to her system.
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