My child wanted to go to Croc Encounter.

Living in Tampa was okay during the winter, however not in the summer, it didn’t matter where you lived, you still had your complaints about the Summer heat, and my complaint included the humidity, plus without air conditioning system, I couldn’t survive, when my grandson started begging to go to Croc Encounter Reptile Park plus Wildlife Center, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic.

I wanted to stay dwelling plus veg, but he never asked to do anything.

I couldn’t tell him no, so I told him to get his shower plus get dressed plus my pal and I would go for dinner, but he told me they had rescued crocodiles, snakes, lizard, turtles, tortoises, plus amphibians. He was telling me all about Amos, an American alligator. He said he got his name from the owner’s son. He was more interested in the alligator wrestling tour. You got to see a guy plus alligator wrestle, plus they did some honestly fun stunts, but he wasn’t sure what stunts they were. I didn’t know what some of the creatures were, like the broad-snouted Caiman plus the black plus white Tegu, however Billy said my pal and I would find out when my pal and I got there, He knew about the Nile crocodile, Cane toad, plus Cuban tree frog, because he ‘learned’ them during university. I was blissful they had an indoor locale so my pal and I could get out of the heat, however I had to admit that I had a lot of fun with Billy that day. It was my first trip to Croc Encounter, plus I couldn’t have thought of anyone better for my first time than with my grandson Billy.



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