My central heating keeps me warm

One of my favorite things I like to do doing is to go to the cherry bottom festival in DC, however and luckily, I live in Waldorf Maryland which means D.C.

is less than 30 miles away, then in fact, Waldorf is considered a suburb of D.C.

so we are just outside the limits of the capital. Anyway, the cherry blossoms are properly blooming around from the end of March to mid-May, but by far, the blooms are the prettiest thing about D.C, then of course, the buildings are great as well, plus if you’re a history buff, you’ll love it, however the weather in Waldorf has been enjoy a roller coaster, so I am not sure how that will impact the cherry blossoms! For instance, this week it’s about 35 degrees for the high, which means I am currently using my central heating, however in the next few mornings, it will hot up to the mid-60s, so I won’t need to have my central heating running with the temperature that high outside. But looking at the forecast, after the weekend, the weather will drop again plus the forecast is also calling for some snow. Of course, at that point, I will turn on my central heating again, lately, the weather has been so weird that it has gotten difficult to idea outings. If it’s too chilly outside, I prefer to remain at home, cozying up on my sofa with a wonderful book. But if it’s nice outside, I love spending time outdoors, and so, I am grateful that the weather will be nice for the cherry blossom festival this year. If it wasn’t, you better think that I would opt to stay inside in my cabin with my comfortable central heating.

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