My AC was wet all the time

For a long time I just lived with a cooling system that had a wet puddle around it, then i figured I would get around to it, but in Phoenix, AZ the AC is used for most of the year; There really isn’t much downtime unless you count at night, so while the puddle was frustrating, I was willing to live with it. So what if it was a little wet? Well I started to care once my condo had a gross, musty aroma. I then realized my rug was going to get ruined as a result of the leaking cooling system. So I had no option however to call a Phoenix, AZ cooling business. I really didn’t want to lose AC for even a second. In AZ you need AC stat. So when the guy came over I was basically biting my nails plus so I hoped everything was fine. Turns out it was a quick maintenance plus it was a enjoyable thing I called early. I just had some dust plus algae clogging things inside my system. The air filter got swapped out. The inner workings were dusted. There was mold on my cooling coil plus algae blocking the condensate drain. That is what caused the leaking water to eventually puddle. I am super glad I didn’t lose AC for longer than an hour, however now I don’t have to worry about the water plus the scent is gone from my home. I am going to be way better about Phoenix, AZ AC service since I don’t want this to happen again.

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