Missed out on heated flooring

The greatest regret I have is not Springing for heated flooring.

  • My fiance as well as I moved down south to Tuscaloosa, AL for his work.

My pal and I obtained a home as well as decided to repair it up abruptly before the rest of our furniture arrived. My pal and I did all the large stuff first, and the popcorn ceilings were scrapped, sanded, as well as painted. Then my nice friend and I sanded as well as painted the wood walls. Next the floors were ripped up. No more carpets however instead there is a gray tile, however i even asked my fiance during the floor process if my nice friend and I should consider heated flooring. It made sense. My pal and I already had the floors ripped up; Adding electric heated mats would be easy. My pal and I lived near a Tuscaloosa heating dealership. My fiance said that AL does not get that cold. It would also double the cost of the project. The time was what convinced us. My pal and I wanted to move in abruptly. My pal and I didn’t have the time to spend on the floors if my nice friend and I wanted our furniture not to be in the way, but so my nice friend and I decided to just tile as well as leave it at that; Well, a year after living in our Tuscaloosa condo the boiler died. My pal and I then had to buy a new system. My pal and I have since learned that AL winters are cold. The tile floors are icy on our feet. My fiance wears socks all the time as well as I have invested in throw carpets. My pal and I should have gone with heated flooring. My pal and I could have saved so much money as well as enjoyed this superb boiler if my nice friend and I had. Now I am looking to redo the bathrooms as well as add radiant heat in there.



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