Marijuana is legal in Los Angeles as long as you don’t smoke in public.

I was visiting friends who live in Los Angeles, California. While there, I was surprised to find out that they had legalized recreational marijuana. Where I live, the only marijuana that is legalized, is if you have a medical marijuana ID card. At that point, you can go into any marijuana dispensary, show your ID, and you are able to purchase any marijuana product that you want. From what my friends were telling me, in Los Angeles, California, you can go into any marijuana dispensary, with or without a medical marijuana ID card, and purchase marijuana products. What surprised me the most, was that you could legally smoke recreational marijuana as long as you are over the age of 21, but you could not smoke in public. The only time you were able to smoke was if you were on your own property or in an area that allowed smoking. In Los Angeles, California they consider smoking as the use of marijuana, cigarettes, or even vape pens which include the discreet vape pens. Apparently, Los Angeles, California wants to allow adults to use marijuana but they want it to be used responsibly. In one way I agree with them. I don’t think young children should be subjected to any type of cigarette smoke be it tobacco cigarettes or marijuana cigarettes. With all the hype about the danger of vape pens, I can also understand that they don’t want younger people to be around. My friends and I made sure that when we were smoking marijuana, we kept it only inside the house and on the enclosed patio.
Recreational Pot Los Angeles California