Making the cooling system a priority

Growing up in Plano, Texas, I am very accustomed to long, hot and muggy summers.

With temperatures regularly climbing into the high nineties or even triple digits, the season can be brutal. My parents were extremely frugal, and while our home was equipped with central air conditioning, the system was outdated and not overly effective. It made a great deal of noise and provided only limited airflow. Plus, my mom and dad were always turning up the thermostat because of the cost of their electric bills. When I finally bought my own home, one of my main priorities was the central cooling system. I chose a property with a modern air conditioner from a reputable manufacturer. I immediately enrolled into a maintenance plan to keep the equipment operating at its best. Having it professionally serviced every spring ensures that all the components are in peak working order. Minor issues are addressed before they have a chance to escalate into major malfunctions. The air conditioner provides maximum airflow for more consistent comfort, healthier indoor air quality and effective dehumidification. I recently upgraded the cooling system to include zone control. This allows me to customize temperature settings in each room. I can cater to occupancy, the demands of the specific space and personal preference. I don’t need to pay to cool empty rooms. I can keep my bedroom cooler than the living room. I am willing to pay just about anything to enjoy a refreshingly cool house. However, the high-efficiency air conditioner, regular maintenance and zone control work to keep utility bills reasonable.
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