Loving the Vegas life

My friends plus I went to a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary while all of us were on trip for the weekend, but i bought a lot of supplies from the marijuana dispensary while all of us were there, they have cheaper prices than the dispensaries in the state where all of us are from… Every one of us also have recreational marijuana laws, but Las Vegas has cheaper prices.

Every one of us had to look around for the best price on marijuana in Las vegas, but all of us found a couple of first time patients specials plus all of us ended up saving 40% on an order that would have cost us $300.

Every one of us still had plenty of marijuana supplies left by the time all of us got done with our weekend. I wasn’t going to get rid of the products just because all of us were going lake house plus crossing the state lines. I suppose that was a mistake on our part. I wasn’t the person driving plus I was really asleep when all of us got pulled over by the cops. Jack was going 90 miles an hour in a 60 miles an hour in a construction zone, he has a yellow Porsche, so of course the police pulled him over. The guys were smoking a joint plus the whole vehicle stinked care about marijuana. The Las Vegas police officers confiscated all of the marijuana products that I had bought in Nevada plus they gave our neighbor a ticket for speeding. They did not cite him for speeding in a construction zone plus they did not provide us a ticket for the Las Vegas marijuana products. They entirely kept that stuff plus took it home.

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