It’s not boasting to say Portland has the best weed

I live on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, and consider this to be the best place on Earth to live.

As much as I love Portland as a city, I do not like having neighbors. I am so close to the city I can see the lights at night, but I still have a hundred acres of forest surrounding me so I can keep the hustle and bustle of city life at bay. I don’t like traffic, I don’t like crowds, so I keep my trips to Portland short and infrequent. At the same time, I have to go to town once or twice a week for supplies, food, and of course cannabis supplies. One of the advantages of living in Portland is having ready access to the best cannabis you can find anywhere. That isn’t just a boast, I mean it! I would love to hear from anyone out there who can convince me Portland does not have the world’s finest cannabis crops. There are a lot of other great things about being so close to Portland. The weed is good, but the craft beer made in Portland is just as excellent. Once or twice a month I drive into Portland at night just to catch a concert, or visit an art gallery opening. Portland is a center for the arts for this entire state, so I try to take advantage of the culture. When it’s all over, and I’ve had my fun and bought my cannabis, I love leaving Portland behind and going back to my own land.

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