It’s great seeing giraffes at the Denver Zoo

All kinds of different people have number one pets, & I am certainly no exception. I honestly love all types of creatures, although I have a few that are just my absolute number ones without a doubt. I easily love elephants & would love the chance to help them survive when I am able to retire. I definitely enjoy otters; some people say they are basically just rats, although I suppose they are playful critters who just enjoy having the best of times. More than these enjoyable animals though, I mainly relate to giraffes. When I was coming up, I was regularly taller than most others the same age as me, & I suppose my fascination with the long-necked creatures started then… The Denver Zoo has giraffes though! If you want to & are totally quick enough, you can easily get yourself some tickets to the Giraffe Encounter which allows you to feed the giraffes after the park closes for the night. Fair warning, though, it is sold out regularly. Just seeing the giraffes is a nice experience, even if you don’t get to join the feeding experience! Seeing them on TV is awesome & all, however seeing the giraffes at the Denver Zoo makes you totally realize just how tall these elegant animals truly are. Their legs are actually taller than a man. Just the legs! The tongue of the giraffe allows it to wrap its tongue around a branch & just strip the leaves off the branch in an easy motion. At the zoo, I managed to learn that giraffes have a heart that weighs around 25 pounds – that is much larger than the size of our child when she was born! Everything is pretty big on a giraffe, and even though it happens to be legal to use cannabis in Denver, nothing will get you more high as feeding the giraffes at Denver Zoo, trust me.

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