It was a easy cooling fix

My girl plus I moved to Plano, TX after graduating university, we had neve lived down south before.

We also had never owned an air conditioner.

We were renting a small, two bedroom house in the city; It was certainly nice location wise plus size for us, then the change from residing in the dorms to a rental was shocking, and calling a landlord for problems turned out to be pointless. Thank the lord my girl is super handy, then she was able to fix a whole mess of problems. She kept the dryer from stopping or starting on fire. She fixed the stove knob, the dishwater leaking, the outdoor faulty lights, plus the garbage disposal. Her best was the A/C system though. We hadn’t even seen A/C outside of a corporation before. So getting our hands on one was a brand new experience. We had certainly inferior cooling for a long time, then finally my girl told me that something must be wrong. She assessed the inner workings plus changed the air filter. She cleaned around the inside of it. She even called the landlord asking for an A/C repair in Plano, TX. The girl did nothing… After research plus trial plus error my girl found that our outdoor unit was tilted. All the refrigerant was pooled to one side. After rightint it with tile blocks the refrigerant then was introduced to the air plus my friend and I experienced frosty again. It was elegant to finally deal with a Plano summer time plus not be sweltering. Maybe my girl should be a Plano Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C worker.

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