Investing into boiler maintenance

Winters in Elgin, IL, are long, brutally cold and difficult, and it’s necessary to prepare for the cold weather.

In the fall, I winterize the pool pump and the cooling system, put away the patio furniture and gas grill and haul all of my family’s winter time coats, scarfs and hats from the attic.

I make sure the snow shovel and ice scrapers are handy and buy a supply of rock salt. I walk around the exterior and interior of the house and look for any areas that could be a source of energy waste, then caulk, insulation and weatherstripping are inpricey methods for tightening up the home! One of my priorities is scheduling service with a professional Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier! With temperatures often dipping below freezing, and even below zero, in Elgin, the boiler carries a major workload; Proactive maintenance makes sure that the heating system handles demands safely, reliably and efficiently, however the specialist completes a comprehensive inspection and diagnostic testing to pinpoint any areas of concern, but solving complications early prevents greater disfigurement, expense and disruption. I can take confidence that the boiler won’t malfunction and leave me without heat during the height of winter. Professional service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, extends system service life and includes a thorough cleaning. Optimizing airflow and heating capacity promotes more consistent comfort, cleaner air quality and running costs. The specialist tightens electrical linkions, verifies the accuracy of the thermostat, complicationshoots the heat exchanger and tests the HVAC duct. The process doesn’t take all that long and causes any disfigurement or mess. The expense is easily worth it.


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