Investing in my heating comfort

I recently got a work promotion since I was willing to move anywhere.

I told my boss to name the location and I would go. I wanted more money, a better tile, and the ability to move up even further. Well I should have been specific. Now I am in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There is literally nothing here to do. The weather is awful too. The cold is frequent and brutal. I basically run my heating system all the time. Since I have more money now I have invested in my comfort heavily. My house is large, modern, and with a huge plot of land. I have a better car. I also sprung for a top of the line mattress. The heating system is my prize though. I bought a boiler system and had piping hooked to it. The piping is installed within my floorboards to create hydronic heating. My boiler heats water and the hot water flows through all the boards. Then I have heated floors. It is a silent heating system that requires little maintenance. Since it is water based and not air, nothing rises to the ceiling or creates cold spots. It is cleaner, more effective, and quiet. I also use that same boiler system as a snowmelt system in my driveway during the peak of winter. That way I never need to shovel snow and my car stays warm that sits on the driveway. Yes the boiler and all these add ons were costly. But it was totally worth it in the end. I am not loving Sioux Falls right now but I have done everything I can to make it better.


Sioux Falls South Dakota Heating technology