I work strictly in The Villages only

My partner and I talked about retirement for several years, but i really did not want to give up my business, because I did not have anyone in the family to take over.

I knew that retirement would mean closing down the repair supplier that I worked hard to build, then at 65 years old, I wasn’t ready to give up my business… My partner was adamant that my friend and I needed to change our lifestyle.

I agreed that there were some things my friend and I could do differently. My friend and I looked into some home in a village called The Villages. The Villages is in Central Florida and it is a popular retirement community for active senior citizens in the area. The Villages sounded like a great locale to transfer my business. I thought that my partner and I could retire to the village and I could still continue to work from time to time. My partner thought it was a great idea, and he agreed to support the transfer and he also agreed to advertise our services in the Ocala newspaper. Ocala is just outside of The Villages and practically part of the community. I work strictly in The Villages only. I usually work three or four days a week. I offer a variety of repair and installation services in The Villages and bi-weekly service plans. So far things have gone really well and the transfer has been relaxing. I still get to work from time to time even though I can play hockey every afternoon of the week if I stop answering the PC.



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